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Good afternoon (Or morning/evening, depending on your time zone) ladies and gentlemen! My apologies for bothering you with this, but a friend and I are having an issue. The two of us are best friends, we have been for many years now. And now that we both have the same game console, we'd like to play some games together. However, thus far, we've only really been able to find competitive games. Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 (Which I suppose we can play as a team, but only about half the time). There's Minecraft, of course. But we've played that to death and would like a game we can actually play together with online. I've looked around online, but I've been unable to find a list of games that can be played online. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience, but could someone possibly provide me with a few games that my friend and I could play together online?



Well, you have Rocket League (which is a lot of fun), the escapists 2, Doom, Fifa and NBA 2k18, (dont have these three so dont know how multiplayer is). Stardew valley is getting a multiplayer update soon and payday 2 is coming on february (these two along with the escapists are purely co-op).

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If you’re keen on Minecraft you could always try out Portal Knights. I’ve never personally played it but it looks like it could be good fun.

Other than that the obvious choice would be Rocket League, difficult to play when you first start but a very good game for playing with friends. Definitely get a laugh out of it.

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