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I have the nintendo switch 2017 version, I am about to sell it.
But i have bought digital games and i can only delete my account. This came to my conclusion that if i delete my account, everything i payed for is gone. Unless i archive all my digital games to a microsd-card, and put this microsd-card in my. new switch with an new account. But will this work? Anybody got an answer.



I can get you started. At least check this out: "how to change primary consoles"

And here is a list of links to Nintendo Support pages with directions for other common questions. You'll likely find a few relevant to you. You can search Nintendo's support if you have other questions.

I see you're in Netherlands. Forgive my Nintendo US links. Nintendo UK & EU have sites too. Remember, Nintendo's support lines are a good resource too.

Note, as long as you're subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, I Nintendo maintains your account & knows what games you've bought digitally, and has your game save data (if it's been backed up) in their cloud backup system. Note, there are a few games that don't have game save cloud backup support: After your Switch Online subscription runs out, I think you have 60-90 days until they delete your account.

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I don't think you have to delete your account, just unlink it from your old Switch. When you link your account to a new Switch, you should get access to everything you already bought and be able to redownload it. This video from Nintendo should explain how to do everything:



@CrazyBrent : No. Your microSD card is formatted to work on your console, not on your account (as each Switch console can have up to eight accounts), so backing up your data will be pointless as you won't be able to use the card on a new Switch anyway (this is in contrast to the 3DS, where an old microSD card can be used with a new system after a system transfer as a 3DS console can only accommodate one NNID per console anyway). You will need to download any software updates and/or downloaded titles/DLC from scratch when using a new Switch console.

Furthermore, save data is stored on your console's system memory, so unless you have a NSO subscription and cloud-save your data, you're going to lose it all. I'm also unsure of how long Nintendo stores cloud saves for or whether you need to maintain an active NSO in order to be able to keep your data (apparently there's a 90 day window, but I'm not sure).

Any digital purchases made on your NNID can be transferred to a new system though, but you'll still need to download everything from scratch. Try to remove your account from the console, but do not delete your NNID as you won't be able to recover it later. You can still use your existing account on a new console later once you have deregistered it from your current Switch.

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Allright thank you all for your support! I really appreciate that!



As anything as others pointed out Nintendo Support site should be the first place to go. You can always contact them about this.


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