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Hey, I apologize if this has already been covered....

My Sister in law bought a switch last year (switch A) and my nephews started playing on it. They have about 4-5 games with data saved on this switch that they dont want to lose progress on. About 6 months ago a new switch was purchased for nephews (switch B). Nephew logged into switch B before data could transferred, so now they are playing on both switches, depending on what game they are playing. My sister in law is tired of giving up switch to nephews, when they have their own. How do I get the data for my nephews account on switch A onto switch B?

Can they use the nintendo cloud (which they dont currently have) to back up nephew's data on switch A, factory reset switch B, transfer data from A to B when he first logs in, then download switch B data from cloud?

Any other options?




@rrrrrrredbelly I'm fuzzy on this scenario. I'll take a stab below, but maybe someone else can help? Or you can use Nintendo customer service line/text messenger to get good help. Nintendo of America has a very good support line, and it's easy to get a person on the phone. And, I make it a habit to mention Nintendo's support page is a great resource because, many people aren't aware how good their support page is. You can search their support for relevant topics if you want to take a look.

I think you can transfer the user save data from Switch A to Switch B, one user at a time. When you transfer, the user save data to Switch B, the save data on Switch A is deleted (that's how the switch system seems to work). (Caveat: Animal Crossing New Horizons does not support console transfers currently).

how to transfer user save data

how to transfer save data for one specific game(just in case this option is attractive)

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Thanks for the reply, I forgot all about the help line. I'll give them a call and see what they recommend.

It's my understanding that once my nephew logged into his switch, data cant be transferred (meaning it wouldve had to be done when he first got his new switch).




First off before that each account has to have a unique email attached to them to allow transfer of all data and saves without that it will not work.

As for ACNH transfer I read they will get that running on update 1.5 or something to allow data transfer to another Switch unit. If that does happen....

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