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So I've got my switch now and was wondering if I buy games digitally with the normal sd card if I will be able to get these games again once I upgrade to a bigger sd card later on down the road when more games come out. So basically are the games tied to your account? Obviously I don't want to buy the same games twice. Any help on this topic would be great.



I couldn't say for certain but one would assume it's like PSStore in that the game can be downloaded by the User that bought it in multiple locations, multiple times.

If not, it's just another con that Nintendo have got us with...!!



You only need to copy/paste data from one micro SD card to another. You won't need to waste your time and data redownloading all of your games to a new micro SD card. The only limitation is the games on those micro SD cards are tied to your console, so they cannot be used on another Switch unit without performing a system transfer.

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