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Surprised there's not a thread already.

This looks... neat.

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Yeah this looks great and was a nice surprise. I’m downloading the demo now.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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I'm kinda hoping the storytelling ends up feeling a bit like Kessen 2's War Council.



I'm really into strategy games and this one instantly had my attention.
Not only does it look great but the fact that there are also dynamic and overkill skills makes it so much better.
Excited to see and learn more about this game.



It's FF Tactics with the SMT alignment system

This is literally SMT x Fire Emblem but good that isn't Devil Survivor

I don't care this is Devil Survivor 3 to me now


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I love Final Fantasy Tactics, unlike most tactics games, so to see one go in that direction immediately has my interest. Especially one with this art style.

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Day 1. I really hope Squeenix has more of these projects lined up. Octopath is amazing if a bit traditional. It’s also the first RPG that didn’t feel like the “chosen one” so much as random people (that happen to be walking paths that feed into the single narrative) despite the fact that if you get to the true final boss you realize the character paths are connected.

This game looks even better. I’m pretty sure ima accidentally start a war though. I do hope my playstyle lines up with the female character or I’m screwed though.

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Usually not into this genre but the demo is terrific! Looks gorgeous in handheld and gameplay is really fun!



A strategy game that uses Octopath Traveler's graphics? Sign me up! Planning on downloading the demo and giving it a spin. Hopefully this weekend!

Though I still need to actually play Octopath....

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Played through the first chapter in the demo. There seems to be a LOT of display here.

On one hand, I've never been a fan of FF Tactics, so it's not really the sort of thing I'd fall in love with. I've always preferred Disgaea and Fire Emblem.

On the other hand, it's objectively impressive. Decent battle system, GREAT production values (seriously, the melding of 3D and advanced visual effects with 2D sprites has never looked better than it does here), solid voice acting.

Honestly, my biggest complaint with the demo would be that the image is a little dark for my liking. Other than that, there's really not much to gripe with. I guess they could add something to make it clearer where in the turn order the enemy you're attacking is.

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I liked it a lot, enough to take notes of the little things I hope change. It's mostly ux and ui stuff and I don't really expect them to be implemented though. Especially the voice acting issues I don't expect to change even though its my biggest gripe.

Additional Features
Toggleable autoprogression for cutscenes dialogue

Friendly fire on aoe attacks

It would be nice to be able to press X on people and see their portaits if they have one while standing next to them in the exploration mode as well as while they are talking

When standing next to a ladder the button prompt saying "Climb" instead of "Search"

A way of telling when you are repeating dialogue from characters

A key that explains the difference between kinds of events on the world map

A button that resets the camera position

A dialogue log

In unit details menu:

  • when looking at a ability's details pressing Y again to get out of the ability details menu would be nice
  • a way of examining the equipment details
  • being able to press x and see their portaits and role from the unit menu
  • a way of telling what each attribute contributes to (particularly for people unfamiliar with the genre
  • clearer explanations of the affects of things like "Invisible", "Blind" and "Sleep" as well as elemental resistances, and stealth (for people unfamiliar with the genre) this can be in a guide or collection under the tutorials menu option

In Combat:
-Being able to toggle unit display (left stick press) while choosing an attack

-being able to press y abd see a characters attacks even while they are chosing to face a certain direction (in case they get an ability while from leveling up after they have moved and attacked this change would allow the player to check that ability)

-Rather than just having -% for accuracy of people who are out of range make it clearer that they arent targetable, perhaps by making the -% red.

Voice Acting:
The Serenoa's voice acting's is monotonous and it sounds unnatural when its trying to be emotional and never fully reaches that emotion its trying to reach. Possiblity rerecord with better direction or recast if its plausible. It subverts the emotion from scenes hes in.

Thalas sounds equally as bad and only reaches 50% of its intention as well but as he does not appear to be the main antagonist or a party member its not as important for his vo to change.

Some other vo (Like for Roland and Sorsley) is occasionally bad and lacks emotion but its not usually as consistently bad as Serenoa or Thalas and when it is its not so bad that it ruins the scenes they show up in. And sometimes its good enough.

Confusing Grammer:
A line by Erador "Benedict was right-behind these doors there might be dozens of those ***** just clamoring to take our heads " looks like it's one sentence but only makes grammatical sense if its two sentences thats cut off where the - marker is. I assume this is for the sake of style but it makes it harder to read and a exclamation mark and a capital B for the new sentence would get the point across better.



@1000tomatoes Oh yeah, I forgot to add that. An auto-advance option really is needed for cutscenes in this game.

Are you saying you WANT friendly fire to be available for AOE attacks?

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So, one more compliment, and one more critique.

Compliment - The choice system, where you can vote on taking different courses of action, seems pretty cool. But I have to wonder if the easier, less desirable option wouldn't just lead to a bad end. Curious how open-ended this narrative actually is.

Criticism - It can be difficult to connect the character models to their portraits. I wish they'd include a portrait WITH spoken dialogue.

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Downloading demo now & can't wait to play ...... It's already like the 'new' Final Fantasy Tactics game we'll never get otherwise, so I'll be getting the game as soon as I can!

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I have downloaded the demo but have not launched it yet. I am not a fan of tactical RPG but I will give it a try later on.
Does it have permanent death? And can you grind?



Most exciting anouncement in the Direct for me! Can't wait to get back to my Switch next week and try the demo.

Love the graphics and the gameplay looks promising for me a nut for FFT.

Also, what happened to that "Unsung Stories" project? I really thought this was the trailer for that game, but it ended up even better if that one is still in the making too.

2022 seems like a long wait - early anouncement.



Finished demo ..... I was already going to buy the game, anyway!

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These guys sure do like there 8 letter words:

loved the style of Octopath, and always liked games like fire emblem, so am in



I've beaten the first chapter - princess got defeated by an archer, but it was my first attempt. I wonder if there will be a permadeath mechanic. In Tactics Ogre, and FFT too I think, a soldier could be knocked down, and would need to be revived before a timer reached 0 - lest they die.

The games allowed you to recruit generics, so, while a main character dying would end the game, there was still an element of peril if you played carelessly.


3 syllables too.

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I've yet to try the demo but the gwmeplay looks great.

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