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This thread will be talking about what is happening for Pokémon's 25th anniversary and what we think about what has been released and ideas on what might be released this year

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I believe the leading rumor is an updated remake of Diamond and Pearl for Switch.

We're also waiting for a Pokémon Snap release date and a Detective Pikachu 2 teaser.

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In all likelihood, we'll see Let's Go Gen II or a full-blown Gen IV remake in the style of Sword/Shield. I think the latter is inevitable (it is the 15th anniversary of the Japanese release of Diamond/Pearl this year), but the former also makes too much sense as about half of the work is already done for the developers as the Kanto map and the first 151 Pokémon animations are all good and ready to go (though it's like that they have already future-proofed every other Pokémon).

Gen II is my favourite of all, so, I selfishly want another remake of that (a full-blown remake would have been preferable, but I won't complain if it gets the Let's Go treatment either) before a remake of Gen IV, but we'll like get both before the end of the console generation considering that the current anime is currently revisiting all past regions, which indicates that perhaps TPCi will be spending a little more time on revisiting old games than past generations.

Best case scenario will be that we get both Gen II and IV remakes this year, but getting two main series games in the space of a year is unprecedented and highly unlikely. It would be nice if we get another spin-off game in addition to Snap 2 though.

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I want gen 5 remakes purely for the music



I wonder if they will actually reveal Gen 9 instead of DP Remakes or Lets Go Johto.

Yeah I know, it's too early for Gen 9 (next year is more likely) but on the other side, after seeing how the Wild Area and both DLCs featured a fully controlable camera I'm sure that GF wants to make their future games fully controllable. And I think since that would be a big step for Pokemon games, that's something they would introduce in a new Gen instead of in the Remakes.

Also a new Gen would make more sense for a big anniversary than remakes. And usually while there are 3 years between new gens (Gen 5 - 2010 in Japan, Gen 6 - 2013, Gen 7 - 2016, Gen 8 - 2019) I think they still could release a new gen only two years after the last one, I mean it doesn't make that big of a difference. Also there weren't new games last year (only DLC) and the last year before 2020 where they didn't release a new game was 2015, and one year later in 2016 they released Gen 7. Therefore I think maybe they actually took that one year off to make Gen 9.

But I guess we'll see in about one month



@mariomaster96 I feel like this isn't the case, following patterns. Generally, remakes are made during generations that are double the ones they originally came out in, excluding the Gen 1 remakes, in which came out during Gen 3. Gen 4 had Gen 2 remakes, Gen 6 had Gen 3 remakes, so it's fair to assume that Gen 8 will get Gen 4 remakes, if Let's Go didn't replace the remakes.

The only reason I believe Gen 7 happened earlier than expected was partially due to the fact that it was the 20th anniversary, which is a bigger deal. I doubt that Gen 9 would come so soon, as Gamefreak just released DLC for sword and shield, and they'll probably need more time than just a year to finish that up. It's just too early for a new generation of pokemon, and I'm sure not many people would be pleased by it, especially due to what happened with Gen 8 itself.

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I need a DP remake. I need infernape. I need!



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