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Is it possible? I know switch is region free and all, but I am expecting local servers.

I have a friend in Ireland, which is where she bought her switch. We both want to play Mario kart together, but I don't want to buy it if we can't play together.

Has anyone tried playing with friends from other contries?



@Optimusprimez10 you can play together in Mario Kart. You are able to have friends rooms online or you can join them racing online if they are in worldwide and not regional servers. (You can choose which when racing online)
All (or at least most) online games should allow you to play with friends from anywhere if you have the option of playing with friends. There could be some exceptions with future games though, Monster Hunter on the Wii for example was separated from North America and Europe, but the more recent entries have combined the regions and only Japanese servers were separate.

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