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So, update time. Now in the end game proper, currently leveling up everyone to 99. Fused about 95% of the compendium and done almost all the quests. Think I will finish with about 4 or 5 social links incomplete sadly.

Now that I have done most of the social links, I was watching someone play through P4G, and saw a cutscene with MC, Nanako and Adachi, discussing a book report, and noticed the book in question was very familiar. Guess the author left his mark in the world after all.

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Welp, it's finished. The final boss was interesting. I did almost everything; all requests except 2, never fought Margaret, and all social links bar 5 (of which one I never found). Overall, very good game, I can see why people prefer P3 over 4 and 5. I like the themes explored and the character development. I also like how party member's personas evolve alongside the story rather than through social links. If they do remake this properly, I would like improvements to fusion and for romances to not be forced.

I might play through again for FemC but I will probably wait a while to do so; my final time in my first playthrough came to 145 hours, 12 minutes. I am sure a fair bit may have been idling, but I would say at least 120 hours was genuine gameplay.

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So I'm at the final boss for persona 5...

I beat the third phase and now for some reason it's stuck on a loading screen. It's right after futaba says she found his weakness. Has this happened to anyone else? I genuinely don't want to refight the boss...

Edit: turns out this problem occurs if you have the network functions turned on. It's pretty irritating but I ended up switching to the easiest difficulty and re fought the whole boss again.

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