Topic: Nintendo Direct September 2018 Hopes and Predictions!

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It's finally happening, a new general Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow!

So what is everybody hoping for? I'm personally holding out for more info on Yoshi 2019, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and some third-party shock announcements like DOOM and Wolfenstein 2. Of course, it'd be great if we heard about the online service as well.

But if the only things they announce are Skullkid and Geno as newcomers for Smash Ultimate then I'll be happy!

EDIT: Direct has been delayed to an unspecified time due to the severe earthquake in Hokkaido. Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected.

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Mario Galaxy is ten years old, and now I feel old.


I think we'll get a few main categories:

  • 3DS headlines - includes 1 or 2 unannounced 1st party games
  • Super Mario Party spotlight (boards, modes, online)
  • Switch headlines - includes a few unannounced 3rd party games of DOOM/Diablo 3 scale, unannounced content for existing games (e.g. Kirby Star Allies wave 3, kingdoms for Odyssey, Splatoon 2 4.0) and info on the paid online service
  • Smash Ultimate spotlight (includes new fighters, online functionality and a demo)


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I wish :
1. Yokai Watch 3 Sushi / Tempura USA & PAL version
2. Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers USA Physical release
3. Style Savvy 4: Styling Star USA Physical release
4. Miitopia 2 ???

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1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Talk about the online and new games, but my main interest is smash, hopefully they announce at least one character even if it's a echo.....I NEED MY SKULLKID!!!!!!!!

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I'd like Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I think that's really it. I know I would sink hundreds of hours into either. Fallout 4 was the only reason I even had an XB1 from the game's release to March this year.
I hope all they say about online is the same info that's on their website, just to be spiteful at this point.


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PLEASE Animal Crossing reveal. That's all I need. Oh, and Pilotwings.



Pikmin 4.....



Ok I'll take the obvious guess: NSMB/NSL U (though I don't really expect it, I hope for the rumours to be true)


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  • Further details on Luigi's Mansion & Mario & Luigi on 3DS.
  • First gameplay footage of Fitness Boxing for Switch (NL has mentioned it's announcement in the past).
  • NSMBU port (both Switch & 3DS).
  • Maybe some online info.
  • Ends with a Smash fighter reveal.

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I'm not holding out hope for any first-party bombs.

Smash-wise, I don't care what's revealed unless it's about Shantae or a decent single-player campaign.



One other game to look out for in the Direct would be Travis Strikes Again. I've seen a lot of hate for that game already, but we really haven't seen much of it yet. Hopefully we'll get a new trailer or overview that helps clarify what it really is. No it's not No Morr Heroes 3, but there are promising aspects of it like multiple gameplay styles and fully voiced cutscenes featuring Travis's original VA, so I'd say lets not sleep on this game yet.

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Mario Galaxy is ten years old, and now I feel old.


No expectations here.

That way it's easier to not be disappointed when nothing new or surprising is announced.

Having a portable Diablo III already makes this holiday season awesome, that's enough for me.

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I would be ecstatic for a monster hunter stories or sequel on the switch. That game was too charming to not see on a console that can handle it better.

Even on the 3ds it looked great.

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Switch Fit

Nah not really, but some more first party games, and not just Mario Party and Smash Brothers


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@Yosheel And that doesn't even include the 10 minute announcement presentation of Pimmin 4: Amiibo Festival!

Mario Galaxy is ten years old, and now I feel old.


Not really interested in 3ds headlines to be honest.

As for Switch:
-More details on Shin Megami Tensei V
-More details on Fire Emblem Three houses (hopefully the localization is handled well)
-More details on pokemon 2019
-A New fossil fighters game
-Xenoblade Chronicles X port
-Tokyo Mirage Sessions Port
-Some very needed information on the Nintendo Switch online

And I really hope they stop showing smash, we don't need a third smash direct

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Good... good
Now play Dragon Quest


Plox just gief some more info on Metroid Prime 4. Ideally gameplay.



Fallout 3 + new vegas would be nice, especially if it got some special edition type treatment. I never even played new vegas, so I wouldn't mind starting on portable.

Would be nice to see something new mixed in there. In the same way that Splatoon filled a hole in Nintendo's catalog it would be nice to see something very new and different again (I didn't actually get a Wii U so I really only know it from Splatoon 2, but can appreciate how important that game must be for Nintendo).

Arms was a total dud for me....



@Ralizah I will only get Smash if they have a good single player, I just am no interested in the online stuff.


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