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Some days ago 'Ittle Dew 2+' was released on the eShop. As I already own 'Ittle Dew 2', I was looking forward to this free update (at least it was on Steam). Then it drops as a NEW, full-priced title - not even an option to update for a smaller fee. I know Ludosity has gone through some stuff with Nicalis to get the rights self-publish, but this shouldn't hurt those of us who have supported them! They've even removed the original 'Ittle Dew 2' from the eShop, so if you should happen to delete it from your Switch, I guess it's not even possible to re-download the game you bought.

Really crappy customer support from Ludosity! So I say 'FU Ludosity!', delete 'Ittle Dew' (the first one) from my wishlist and move on. But then today, another indie dev pulls a somewhat similar stunt!

'Battle Princess Madelyn Royal Edition' from Causal Bit Games Inc. pops up on the eShop. Same game as 'Battle Princess Madelyn' with some new stuff added and some levels redesigned. Should have been a free update or at least a DLC for those of us that already bought the game. But no. You want the update, you'll have to buy the game again - at full price!

I think this is really bad service from these devs, noy buying anything from Ludosity or Causal Bit Games Inc. if this is how they leave it. Really bad trend if more devs start releasing updates as new, full-priced titles. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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@Spideron in eshop, go into account stuff where you're wish list is... Did you look in there for your OG ittle dew 2 in Redownliads?

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@Spideron Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can always redownload a game you've purchased, even if it is removed from the eShop. For example, the original Minecraft: Switch Edition was removed in favor of the new Bedrock Edition, but I can still redownload the original version, even though it is no longer available on the eShop.

For Ittle Dew 2, as far as I am aware (and I may be wrong), the new one published by Ludosity is exactly the same as the old one published by Nicalis. Most of the time, when a game changes publisher (like with Stardew Valley for example, when it moved from Chucklefish to ConcernedApe), they just change the name in the publisher field, but it's the same game. I think Nicalis was being a jerk, and instead of letting Ludosity do this, they just delisted the game and made Ludosity go through the approval and launch process all over again. They could have made the new Ittle Dew 2 free for anyone who had the old one, but I don't think it's necessary if they're the same. If you have the old one, then you have the game. If you missed the old one, then you can just get the new one. There's no difference.

Battle Princess Madelyn is a little different in that the creator has stated that it's technically a new game. Like it could not have even been released as an update to the original game because the code is so different that instead of updating the original game, it would basically be replacing it. So he just decided to treat them as two separate games. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. It would be nice to get a discount if we owned the first game, but it seems a lot of work was put into this new release, so I think he deserves a chance to earn some money from it before he starts giving away discounts. I'm sure it will go on a nice sale at some point down the road anyway, and I can wait for that.

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@klingki Seems I've been spending a bit of that pent-up Corona isolation-rage.

If Ittle Dew 2+ (Ludosity) is the same as Ittle Dew 2 (Nicalis) then okay. Wonder what happens if there's updates to Ittle Dew 2+ though? When it comes to re-download I can't check it as I haven't dared delete the game. But if I press 'Start' on the game icon in the Switch GUI and then select 'Software Information' -> 'Nintendo eShop', I don't get the game's eShop page but an error: 'Error Code: 2811-6001 Software currently unavailable.' So I'm not convinced a re-install will work after delete.

As for Battle Princess Madelyn I get what you say about a 'newish' game, but I still feel it would've been a nice gesture to those who bought the first version to offer a reduced price, at least for a limited time!

What annoys me most is the new one is one-third the size and storage is always an issue on the Switch. Here's hoping for a screenless Switch Max with harddisk and no portable mode!

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@Spideron Good point about updates. I think Ittle Dew 2 is sort of "complete" so I doubt there would be any significant updates, but you never know. I would also be scared to delete my Nicalis Ittle Dew 2 if I had it, haha. There is a section in the eShop for redownloads, and it should pop up in there if it gets deleted, but since you can't really test that until you actually delete it, I'd probably be too scared to try as well, haha.

I also wasn't aware the new Battle Princess Madelyn was that much smaller! I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he optimized the game!

Hopefully somewhere down the line these games both go on sale for cheap enough that it doesn't sting to just cave in and get the most up-to-date versions.



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