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@Kinoen, I think this previous post is for you.



@link3710 Thank you very much for tagging me. This game now has my interest!



New trailer! Wario and Waluigi are easily my favorite part.

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Looks surprisingly great! Don't think I've ever played a Mario Sports game but this will be the first. Hopefully the adventure mode is really robust and has a decent length



This is all looking very promising. It might well turn out to be the best 3D Mario Tennis if all the new mechanics are well balanced and implemented.

Despite being less obviously RPG flavoured than the GameBoy titles, it looks like it'll combine a many elements from home and portable console iterations to delicious effect. Hopefully it'll serve up a treat!

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Online test tournament is June 1-June 3

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Luigi is just the ferfect vessel for evil, it seems.

Must be all that time he spends around ghosts.

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Looks like it'll still have RPG mechanics like the GBC/GBA games, though more simplified. I'm totally down with that.

This game looks great!

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A slightly longer version of the intro cutscene taken from the official Japanese website.

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This looks like the first must-play Mario Sports title in several years. At any rate, it seems like the first must-play Mario Sports title on a home console in over a decade. I'm going to play the pre-release event, and I'm probably going to get the game shortly after it comes out. I need some more multiplayer games for Switch.

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@LuigiTheGreenFire Forget home console, this looks like the first must-play Mario Sports game in a decade period.


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Really looking forward to the Demo on June 1st.

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I wasn't very interested in Aces but lm definitely going to try the demo out and maybe it'll sway me.



@Lroy The demo arrives tomorrow and acts as a normal demo, it's just the tournament that starts June 1st.


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@Grumblevolcano Oh ACES! πŸ˜‰

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Is the announcer in Aces the same as the one from power tour?

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@LuigiTheGreenFire Yup. Aside from Mario Golf: World Tour, I'd argue that the last good Mario Sports title was Mario Sport Mix on Wii. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Mario Sports Superstars never happened.



@Grumblevolcano There is not a normal demo, right? Just the online tournement on June 1st?

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