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Hi, not sure if anyone can give me any advice. My 5 year old Son is a massive fan of the traditional platform Mario games. We have bought him a switch for Christmas, so was just wondering which of the 2 current Mario games would be most suitable for him? Thanks!



@Malcy7 Odyssey, what a question!

Obviously Super Mario Odyssey. It is a platformer after all; the newest and best one of the kind your kid already loves.

Mario+Rabbids is a round-based strategy game. It's not what a kid expects. It's entirely new gameplay (controls and mechanics) for a Mario game, but it's still good to have as a second entirely different Mario game. Generally the more complex nature of a strategy game like Mario+Rabbids can be tough to grasp for young kids, it's not a pick up and play game and certainly needs some explanation.

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Hi, I would definitely go for Mario Odyssey. Mario + Rabbids is a very good game, but not a platformer. Also, it has a big strategic component, which I think is too hard too grasp for your 5 year old son. I don't know how hard Odyssey is going to be, since it hasn't released yet, but I'd imagine he will enjoy that game much more. Odyssey may also not be a classic mario platformer since it's in 3d instead of 2d and it has a more "sandbox style" approach instead of a more linear style. However, I think Odyssey will be a game that everyone in the family can enjoy, your son especially



well if he's a fan of traditional platforming odyssey is the best pick although its not too traditional for platforming its your best bet because the switch doesn't have any 2-D platforming games for the switch assuming thats what he means but it is the biggest mario game to come out since super mario galaxy 3 in my opinion



after reading all the comments I'm relizing that this was before odyssey came out LOL



Give him Super Mario Odyssey.

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@Malcy7 Mario oddysse as he's only 5 and is a much accessible game towards him/her as it has assistmode/easy mode but rabbids kingdom battle is a great game.

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