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You never got to the overworld in Tetris? Psshhhh. Amateur lol It was a hyperbole, dude, relax.
My point was that I just don't consider games with a couple things in common to be that similar, usually. Like... hrm... BotW, as much as I don't like it, isn't Assassin's Creed just because it has a map with icons.



@rallydefault I haven't played any of the AC games b/c I tried the first one and the stealth kill aspect really wasn't doing it for me. My understanding is the newer games - Greece, Egypt and Norse - are a little more similar to BotW though, being more open world. I don't think anyone is confusing one for the other, but "open world" is a genre for a reason, and if a game is in that genre, well it's kind of by default in that genre.

I'd put Tetris w/ Dr. Mario if you want to compare Tetris to a Nintendo game.

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Interesting. You say open world is a genre of its own?

Would you consider Link's Awakening "open world"? Why or why not?


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