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It looks amazing.

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My favourite 2d Zelda game, I can't wait

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Effin wonderful! One of my favorite Zelda games! The new art style might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think it looks adorable!

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Pikmin 4 can wait, inject this into my veins!



I'm literally, actually in physical tears.
it's been nearly 26 years since I played the original for the first time.

it's still my favorite game, ever.
no game from any series has made me feel the way Links Awakening does.

I'm super emotional and I can barely handle this


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LOL i just burst out laughing when I saw that artstyle. So cute-sy, yet so... I mean, wow. I was totally expecting BOTW style visuals, but I just might warm up to it.

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Best 2D Zelda. BEST 2D Zelda. The BEST!!!! 2D Zelda.

If there's anything I'd break my "don't buy re-releases of games you own" rule for, it would be this. Though I do hope it is more than just a remake.

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LOL how cute! 😆
Zelda meet Mario.
I wonder if there is a BOTW costume (Blue Tunic) for Link on that game.

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Best announcement of the day. Even if they made it on a budget of $1000

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This looks awesome. I've never played the original, but did I see Link jumping goombas 2D platforming style for a brief moment there?


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“Hmmm, no Trilogy I guess. Oh well. Maybe later.“
>suddenly recognizes scene
>title pops up


Yup. The original had side-scrolling parts here and there.

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Yes, the game has 2D sections. And a jumping item in both the 2D and 3D parts.
It's easily one of the best 2D Zelda games. Either this or LttP/ALBW

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I wonder if the fact that they haven't given it a new name means it'll be a kind of reimagining? Or will it be identical to the original?

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They couldn't come up with a lame enough pun, and “Link's Re-Awakening“ was too easy.

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