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I really considering Legend of Mana, especially as it discounted this week.

But I've watched some YouTube reviews and they are quite mixed. From 'the best RPG I've ever played' to 'it leaves you wandering around not knowing what to do'.

Has anyone played this version on the Switch or even the PS version?



@zool I played it years ago when it first came out on PS One. The biggest thing to keep in mind is its not a sequel to the previous Mana series Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret, and Trials but the start of a new spinoff series. I think that's why alot of people didn't like it, myself included.

When it first came out there was no YouTube and gaming magazines really didn't cover JRPGs. When I first saw it at my local Gamestop I thought it was a sequel to Secret of Mana. Due to that I didn't enjoy the game much but knowing now that it's a spinoff I want to give it a try.

So basically don't go into it expecting a sequel to previous Mana titles and you will enjoy it.

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Only wished they updated the pixel characters a little more.


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