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@NaviAndMii Yes, you are probably right that if they add other systems to this that there will be an extra fee.

Right now I am excited for this but Nintendo can dampen that excitement with later announcements. As of now I think the package on offering is fair. I will be getting a year subscription and I'm excited to see the NES library in this grow. However if there are no third party games than I feel like they are going to tap out the NES library within the year.

If I have to pay, say $30 next year to continue with current subscription and have access to the SNES library, it will not be as exciting to me. An ever growing library would be great.



@NaviAndMii I think you nailed it.

Anyway, for now they are speaking of more NES games in the future. So any SNES or more modern system's games, if they come -let me throw the "if"-, that won't be free.

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Any of the great multi-player Konami NES titles.



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