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I haven’t seen a topic on this but I thought this might be an interesting topic to discuss. Given it’s related to Switch, this should be the appropriate forum.

We know there will be initially 20 NES enhanced classics. They’ve revealed the first 10

1. Ice climbers
2. Mario
3. Super Mario Bros
4. Super Mario Bros 3
5. Legend of Zelda
6. Donkey Kong
7. Dr. Mario
8. Soccer
9. Tennis
10. Balloon fight

Which ones do you think or hope that will be the additional 10?

I hope for the these:
1. Kid Icarus
2. Metroid
3. Excitebike
4. Kirby’s Adventure
5. Punch Out
6. Donkey Kong Jr.
7. super Mario Bros 2
8. Legend of Zelda 2
9. Fire emblem
10. Duck hunt

The only one i think is a pipe dream is Fire Emblem. I’m also sticking to Nintendo developed/published only.

At first I was a bit let down it was only NES. And I still certainly hold out for re-releases from newer platforms (especially GameCube, and Wii), whether under this scheme or just re-released on the eshop. That said, there are some classics here that I’d return to, a few I never got to play.

So which ones your looking/hoping for to be added?

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Ice Hockey
RBI Baseball
Punch Out
Excite bike
Double Dragon
Duck Tails
Chip n Dales Rescue Rsngers
RC Pro Am
Techno Bowl

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@Neoguardian86 I think Metroid, Kid Icarus and Zelda 2 are all incredibly likely, and most of the others are pretty certain. Fire emblem would be my absolute dream, but unfortunately I doubt they're going to localise or translate any games for this service, so it seems unlikely.

NES games aren't really enough to convince me that this service is worth it at the moment though - once they start adding SNES games will be when I'm willing to pay for it, but that seems to be a while off at the moment.



Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 2 The Lost Levels
Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link
Earthbound Beginnings



I think we'll get:
Kirby's Adventure
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
Zelda II
Donkey Kong Jr.
Kid Icarus
Punch Out!!
Urban Champion

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It should have Contra but it'll have Super C instead...

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Gimme Yoshi (Aka Yoshi’s Egg, aka Mario & Yoshi) or I’ll cancel my preorder.

NES Open Tournament Golf would be amazing too.

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Duck Hunt
Clu Clu Land
Super Mario Bros 2.

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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based on the predictions and I agree its like the NES Mini game list

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some games are 3rd party so that ain't happening but I hope it does

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so you have a opinion do you


Wario's Woods, Golf, Pinball and Urban Champion are likely contenders I think.

If it is just Nintendo made games,I would like to see:
Super Mario Bros 2
Link's Adventure
Startropics 1&2
Kid Icarus
Punch Out
Fire Emblem
(I believe those are all Nintendo owned anyways)

If third party games are getting included in this, I think the list of games I want could get long, but I would love to play some Battletoads with people online. Very unlikely I know.



Also does anyone think we will be able to download the games on our switch? On their website Nintendo says we can play them anywhere.

To me that implies without a WiFi connection but maybe I am missing something.



@gokev13 but will Nintendo give us Punch Out so soon after the Hamster release of the arcade game?


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@StuTwo It's a different game, and keep in mind that this summer the NES Mini goes back into factories and stores, and that will be the main "competition" of this NES on Switch service. Actually it already is -at least for me, that I'm not that excited with this announcement, as I already have the NES Mini-, but you could argue that a lot of people weren't able to secure one. In a few months that problem will be solved.

So I don't think that they're going to choose the games looking at Hamster releases, which I repeat, are different. Those are arcade games. Anyway Super Mario Bros. is going to be there, but you have for instance VS. Super Mario Bros., which is much more similar to its NES counterpart than Punch-Out. Mario Bros. too.

Also, I don't know how many people are buying these retro releases, so the NES offering will surely have its target.

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I'm surprised EarthBound Beginnings isn't there.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Hmmm, could do with an RPG or two, but the NES library isn't exactly spilling over with RPGs that I want to play in 2018. I'd give Final Fantasy III a go, as I haven't played it and I like the idea of getting it for free. I'd play Dragon Warrior/Quest III and Fire Emblem too.

TBH, the NES library isn't the biggest draw for me. I'd much rather see GBA and SNES games. Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, Legend of Zelda and Metroid are the only ones I'm particularly interested in.

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@Moroboshi876 I suppose so. Hadn’t thought about VS SMB!

I’m actually really positive about their plans. It’s baby steps but I think it’s significantly better than the VC. Is it perfect for everyone? No - but it’s the solid skeleton of a more comprehensive subscription service. Hopefully they flesh it out over time.


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@StuTwo Yeah, despite all the criticism -and I even read posts of people saying that Switch became useless for them knowing that it won't have a VC... wow- I actually like this system better. As long as they don't keep rotating the games and just add more for the same price.

But if the price rises, even if it has more games or the SNES & N64 catalog starts coming -I doubt it, but GC I doubt even more-, it will be a deal breaker for me. The main reason to pay 20 a year is online multiplayer, all the other thinks are perks, and considering I haven't even played Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 for months, if I have to pay more than 20 € I think it just wouldn't be for me.

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I have no doubt whatsoever that we'll see games from other consoles also make an appearance on Switch - it's not really a case of 'if' they'll come in my mind, more 'when' (and in what form)

Nintendo have spoken of their desire to 'monetise (their) legacy content' on the Switch - with their NES collection, it'd appear that they're happy to bundle it with the Switch's Online Service - but the future of their games from other platforms remains unclear.

I have a feeling that it could go one of two ways - they'll either add additional libraries to the existing platform (eg. SNES for Nintendo Switch Online coming at a later date, perhaps to create a buzz and boost sales/subscriptions for the Online Service in the future) ..or by adding a 'premium' subscription service, equivalent to Xbox Game Pass (eg. NES free with Online, everything else available in a premium 'Game Pass' subscription)

With their GameCube games, I'm not so sure - those games are prime candidates for 'HD Remasters', so they may choose to go down that route instead (same for Wii) ..but I'm sure that they're not just going to sit on this content and let it 'go to waste' - they'll probably just decide on a case-by-case (or platform-by-platform) basis

Ideally, of course, new platforms will just keep being added and added to the 'Nintendo Online Service' which will just continue to be expanded over time and available for one flat rate...but I suspect that won't be the case - and instead they'll introduce a model where you pay for Online (which people will do out of necessity) and get access to some 'free' NES games, with those NES games almost acting as an advert for their wider catalog available with a 'premium' subscription (ie. NES games free, the rest included in a 'Nintendo Game Pass' service for £X.XX p/m)

SNES/N64/GBA etc will come in time, I have no doubt - but it remains to be seen how those might be packaged

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@StuTwo My list was more of the ones I would want, not necessarily what I expect the unrevealed 10 to be. I would expect some on my list mixed in with a few more of the sports and less popular games.

Urban Champion will definitely be available at launch though.



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