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So my backlog of incomplete and unplayed games is growing, so short, fun games I can beat in a weekend, or play with my wife take position in the queue. Couldn't find a similar thread, so thought this could be a place to post and give our own, simple review for the benefit of other for games we've actually finished.

Here's the last five games I beat:

Hexologic - on sale for $0.49, cranked it in two hours. Fun logic puzzle, worth it
Stories untold - picked up on sale for $2.50. beat it in probably 3 hours? Worth it, cumbersome to control, but very engaging
Xcom 2 - loved it. Obvious technical issues, but super fun. Loved it so much I started a second war of the chosen run immediately (that I haven't finished)
Donut county - super quirky and fun indie. Bought it to play with my wife (she doesn't like video games) and it was simple and engaging enough that we beat it together. Took about 3 hours, but she thought it was very cute and liked it. That alone was worth it for me.
Moonlighter-the gameplay loop hooked me, because I'm a min-maxer, but I wouldn't say it was fun the whole way through. By the last third, I just wanted to beat it but my OCD tendencies forced me to buy all the weapons and stuff, even though I didn't use them

Posting as an incentive for me to keep actually finishing the stuff I buy. Feel free to ask questions about the ones I've mentioned



@shazbot extreme club racing took about 3 hours. You are saying about backlog of your games, here's a good question to think about backlog of switch games, how many games will there be on switch when it has finished . There's over 3000 now.

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@Ninfan the bigger problem is that it has become my only console, so all my console money goes into Switch games, and even with fairly tight purchasing criteria, between my brother and I, our shared backlog is over 300 games. (I'm assuming you meant 3000)



@shazbot I realise you've gone Switch-specific, but this thread kinda overlaps an established thread, just FYI:

But while I'm here... I think the only Switch games I've 'beaten' so far are Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, probably over 2 years ago. I don't tend to abandon games, so I've got a lot of "I've started so I'll finish" games going on (and I'm still working on BotW and Odyssey), but I regularly game on 10 different platforms and flit from game to game as and when I feel like it, which leaves a lot of games 'in progress'.

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Most recent game I beat was Bioshock Infinite because I missed it back then on PC and other consoles. Loved Bioshock I and II and Infinite was no different. Great game.

Currently playing and working on beating it (but will take a lot of time) on Hyrule Warriors - great mindless fun!

Top 5 Indies I'd recommend you try: #1 Lovecraft's Untold Stories, #2 Moonlighter, #3 Hotline Miami, #4 Inside, #5 Into the Breach.

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Took me about 40 hours of brain-dead advancing to finish Titan Quest on Switch. It's an OK game, but the bugs, ugh, the bugs. Wouldn't recommend it on Switch unless you're like me and prefer Switch to any other console, but even then - maybe there are better ARPGs out there for you.



finished Okami and Cat Quest. Both good fun. Now onto Bioshock

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@BabyYoshi12 @gcunit

Apologies, I never go in the general discussion board so only searched in the switch board. If you feel it's best to fold the discussion into that thread (which to my understanding includes non-Switch titles) happy to abide.

@Dusk If you cranked through Titan quest, can I recommend Torchlight 2? Beat the first one on PC and am ~12 hours into 2 and it's been good fun so far. Also, no bugs (yet)

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@shazbot I tried Torchlight 2 (got like 20 hours on it), and while true, no bugs, I found it boring. The loot-loop was meh, the UI was meh, and the story wasn't interesting (not that I was looking for a story in this type of a game). Titan Quest isn't better though, though it was a bit more comfortable.



@shazbot Well, it’s up to @Eel or @Octane but duplicate threads generally aren’t allowed. I’m new here so I don’t really know if this counts as a ‘duplicate’ but I think it is. If it’s locked, don’t feel bad it happen all the time. I’ve had many threads locked and then there’s always this guy 😉

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Especially since far as I can see, all of your contributions so far have been positive.

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