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You CANNOT tell me that a Kirby Dream Course Maker wouldn't be one of the most popular games the Switch would have if they made the game. I absolutely would buy this the second it was available for pre-order.



well you CANNOT speak for all of

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...I want Pikmin Maker more...or Zelda Maker.

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Keep it PG-13-ish.



What about Mario Kart Maker?


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Fire Emblem/Hyrule Warriors Maker

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@toiletduck that would be genuinely fantastic.

Of course it’d get old after the second troll course designed to make every racer fall off every bend.

I once won the randomly generated cup in F-Zero X on the hardest mode thanks to every single one of my rivals falling off a couple of death courses that the AI couldn’t handle. That’s nothing compared to what we could expect from a Mario Kart maker.

Oh and every other course would be shaped like something obscene. Of course.


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I didn't really care about Mario Maker, I would rather have a main entry to the series with really good levels instead of hundreds of average to terrible ones.
I like making levels but the novelty doesn't last for long.

Same would go for a Kirby, Zelda or Mario Kart maker. It's a cool idea to let people make their own levels but most people don't make things worth playing, it's why fan games and those unreal engine "remasters" aren't great. Nintendo is one of the best developers when it comes to polished games, making that open to everyone gives us a game without that.



I never cared about Dream Course, so I wouldn't be interested. I'd rather have a Mario Golf Course Maker.

@toiletduck Agreed. I mean, the Motorbike game from Nintendo Labo has a course editor, which should appoint to something to Nintendo's future in terms of games.

@Kimyonaakuma While I wouldn't back away from the horror stories of most of Mario Maker's levels, there is good to the game. It's just many people are different on how they want to design their levels, even if they don't meet expectations.



The world would be a better place if your crazy idea had a chance of happening or being even close to as successful as you suggest.

Kirby's Dream Course is legit, y'all.

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