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I honestly am not in the camp of people that thinks there will be a new switch this year, although I also dont think it would be too early (if they follow the 3DS/2DS pattern, it would hit around October, but the 3DS had a rocky launch and they had to push a cheaper device out to gain ground faster.)

But the idea of a mobile-only switch still intrigued me and could not help myself but make a quick mockup of something a bit different from what everyone is doing, so far all I seen for mockups of a possible, more portable switch, is just a switch with controllers fused in. I think something more original could be done. And here we go (sorry about the low quality of this mockup, did it with MS Paint since that's all I have access to at work.)


The idea would be that all the internal components would be on the lower part, the screen would stand alone on the top, this would give room for a full spaced out controller layout. Hell, maybe some of the triggers could just be moved to the front (the lower/middle triggers on the New 3DS are not exactly comfortable.)

Again, this is just a for fun thing, I doubt this would happen, but could not resist, and kind of hope it would open the doors for other people to come up with more original mockups.

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here's a good mockup for a portable Switch:

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👏Another kind response from Charlie.👏

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Everybody knows the joycon slot into the system to charge them, not to play!

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@Charlie_Girl Oi! I hope they release that soon, it looks slick. My current Switg is a hybrid, so I have to choose how I play it.
Everyone knows consumers hate choices, amirite? 😂


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