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Hey guys! So I have been looking for an answer to this question over the past few days, but my search has proved fruitless. As a last desperate attempt, I am turning to the experts on Nintendo Life. If anybody is going to know the answer it's going to be you guys.

Anyway, on to my question. About a week ago, my older brother ran over my Nintendo Switch. The Switch is completely destroyed. The screen is cracked and will not turn on. I was wondering if there was any way if I got a new Nintendo Switch console if I could retrieve the games from the old console? I had like $300 dollars worth of games, and I don't know if I feel like reinvesting that much plus the cost to get a new console. Thanks for your help!



Yeah dude, all the games you bought should still belong to you, if you got a new system just go to the eshop and redownload them, you may not have your saves but you still have your games.

Just log into the nintendo accounts you bought the games with and you should have access to all of the ones you already bought.
hopes this helps

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Umm your bedroom is an interstate or some where else that has high traffic??

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No. My chihuahua was hiding under my brother's car and I set down my bag to pick him up. My Nintendo Switch was in the bag. Anyway, I took the chihuahua back inside, but before I could get back to grab my bag, my brother had already backed out his car over the bag. Obviously, this destroyed the Switch (although the Joy-Cons seem to still work fine.)



Yeah, you just need a new console and to log into your account. But you might need to contact Nintendo and report your old Switch was destroyed so they can deactivate it. Sadly your saved data will be gone regardless, since cloud saves are gone. But any digital purchases you can re-download on the new device.

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@Heavyarms55 (large post, warning in advance, not trolling or anything - just alot to write on the topic apologies in advance)

Not say
"Sadly your saved data will be gone regardless, since cloud saves are gone.

Well its August 2019, and I have a Nintendo Switch Online membership and (its 12 month, recurring)

and I have I know your comment was made in May of 2018...but today is a much different story

If my switch breaks, and I have a FULL Nintendo Switch Online Service (12-month / $19.99) which..I do (I got the Nintendo Switch Online service the DAY/WEEK it launched in September of 2018...literally 4 months after you made your comment lol)...I don't like the NSO service...but it does have Cloud Storage (I agree it should be free, like the other big 2). Or a way to atleast store data on a thumb drive or PS4/PSN. But oh well, I ponied up the $$ and now I have cloud data...its not the easiest method to transfer 1 set of data to a new switch (but it can be done quite easily...just not AS easy , with the new Switch Lite and Updated-revised Switch model on the horizon (already officially confirmed) its now just a matter of time..when people have 2 Switch models in their house (hell some already do)...Switch Lite is coming in September and the current NEW revised Switch with a better battery life is already hitting stores (and thankfully you can tell the difference in the models b/c of the box-art) the new/updated model has a full-red-box-cover. Vs the old white box cover of the OG/original Switch.

So...lets say you have a Switch (like me, you've owned it for...19-20 months)...and I have about 12-13 games on the system...some physical, some digital (E-shop)...alot of indies are digital ($10 purchase here, $20 purchase like Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Celeste, etc, etc) but other games (the big ones like 1st party AAA titles...Mario odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Octopath) I have in physical format. I also have (my single favorite game on the device, which I know is not exclusive, its a multi-plat/port) but...its Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (I have the physical LIMITED edition that comes w/t he 2 packs of stickers & mini golden manual thanks Edmund McMillen & Nicalis!) lol. Anyway...I have the game BACKED UP (Save data/cloud)...especially after putting (don't laugh) 1,280 hours (nearly 1,300 hours on that damn game ...its addictive, and I play in table-top mode) I never use dock, dock sits in drawer collecting dust...I have the Switch basically on a small TV table (its small and sits low, so it sits beneath the TV) and it sits on a HORI table-top stand...and the AC adapter plugs directly into the No need for HDMI or Dock. Basically its a 100% table-top device for me, and I have (own) the Smash Bros Pro Controller (that released back in December 2018, I got game as well...but the pro controller was what I really wanted) it has the improved D-pad. (plus I like its aesthetic...white/silver/black).

SO I play Isaac in table-top mode w/ HORI table top stand, and the AC adapter plugged directly into the Switch....(and whats nice is that same AC adapter can charge my Pro Controller, whenever it needs a charge ...say every 5- days) it holds a 70+ hour charge. I play Isaac basically every day...and I have for many....many months. So I would literally stroke out if I lost that 1000+ hours of data...all that unlockables, etc. Hell it was the SOLE reason I got Nintendo Switch Online (and I am going to keep it active, IE renew every year...hell I will add 2 $20 cards its good through 2019, into 2020, onward. So I have guaranteed Cloud Data storage (and the ONLY games that don't get the benefit of the Cloud storage, are the obvious games like Splatoon 2 and Fortnite and ARMS and Smash Bros simply b/c they are highly linked to online gaming accounts, and...kinda makes sense, even if it sucks...but personally I rarely game online (and I dont care about those games be quite frank). I play single player / offline / indies (thats all the Switch is to me, a table-top, indie-gaming device for $299.99).

So...its run quite good the past 19-20 months..but as with anything I have an inherent fear of...bricking or breaking (I never use 3rd party stuff, It's never been taken out into the harsh elements, its been babied basically, and It's never been dropped or played with by a child, who gets smears all over system is like wiped down daily, never dropped, always in room temperature (cool 74 degrees w/ central AC) its a relatively dark room, but I do play it alot...daily...I've probably already put 2,000 hours on the Switch in the past 20 months ( getting close to 2 years of ownership ) and I expect to get atleast another 2 years. BUT with the new Switch model (basically being better in almost every category) IE higher brightness (its been confirmed, a new panel is being used) and it is 319 nits/brightness (which according to the experts, is just bright enough to be a outside-gaming panel..vs the OG switch which is 291 nits, even though thats only 29-30 nits difference, he said that makes a difference...not SUBSTANTIAL but enough to warrant the new model if your interested...if you dont own one, clearly the new one is the better option

  • The new model has about 2 hours more battery life (easy)...they did extensive testing, playing a demanding game like BOTW...after about an hour...the Battery life on OG Switch was 64%, on the New switch = may think 12% isn't huge, but thats only "1" hour...that adds up.

Also....ontop of slightly better brightness (nits/per/mt) and the better battery life, the new Switch also has a cooler "color" temperature, they did THERMAL testing on the System...after 2 hours of play - the New Switch is about (get this) 4 degrees COOLER. And as you know Switch getting hot...seems to (over an extended period of time) can cause warping/plastic issues, etc. Esp if you use the Dock (which I do not)

All of that (better peak brightness, longer battery life, cooler internal temperature over hours of play)...means the new Switch is the better model, even if these things only seem incremental (in terms of upgrades) to me ? its enough to warrant a new Switch purchase, now when I say that - I say that not TRADING the old Switch in, I'm going to keep my current Switch as is and continue playing it for months into 2020. But if I have this new Switch (also $299.99 same price)...sitting around....I'll keep it clean, but rarely be using it....then I can sorta piggy-back....I know not only do I have 1) Cloud storage protection/around the clock all year BUT 2) I have a second switch as BACKUP if the first one dies

First one dies, and the day it dies - I just grab the NEW revised model - turn it on, and (whatever I gotta do to) transfer my data / entire account / saved data & games.

I hope its not a bitch if first Switch is bricked (hope not) but if & when that time ever came...and I cant turn it If I gotta Call Nintendo "yes hi, I own 2 switchs, my old one just died after 2-3 years of use...extensive use....and I want to transfer my ACCOUNT on that dead switch to my new one + all my save data...yes yes...I have Cloud Storage, here is my account information, my email / PWS - wh atever you need, DOB of account user (I'm 39) an adult...not a child. I have no restrictions...and I want to transfer the account over to the new one...including EVERYTHING (I dont have any photos, just my games & the cloud-data corresponding to those games).

As long as I can do that (and keep my games continuing into the new Switch) I will be happy now I'm not saying I will even NEED a new switch for quite awhile, another year, another 2 years...(so some may think its crazy just to buy a 2nd switch< JUST to have it sit around indefinitely until first one breaks, almost waiting for it to do so) just pick up where I left off on 2nd new switch....makes me sound like some rich kid who has tons of money to throw around, but I already own (Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and Desktop PC + phone...and older devices like New 2DS XL & Wii U) honestly theres nothing else out there I want/need to buy ...device wise. So I can afford a 2nd Switch...cause I love the system THAT much (I never double-dip in hardware) this case...I think I will go out and (before 2019 ends) a 2nd Switch...the new model...and keep the new model in a drawer, and bring it out every few days / once a week to clean and maintain....but STILL continue to use the old switch as my current-predominant device. That way I have a Switch (either way) long into the long as my data can be RETRIEVED off old dead / bricked switch (if it were to happen) who knows I may get lucky and get another 3-4 years off the current Switch....I mean they are built to last...not forever, but atleast 4-5-6 years. It's almost been 2....and I keep the AC adapter DIRECTLY into the switch (plugged in almost always) it always stays at 100%.....I wonder if over-charging is an issue nowadays ? I guess not.

(sorry for long post, wasn't bragging, wasn't trolling or anything) basically just putting out my story & situation...and how things are in summer of 2019 now...things have changed, we have Switch, Switch New, Switch Lite (upcoming in September)...and with 3 models on the retail market + Nintendo Switch Online Service + The system's software is now Version 6.1 (where as it was like version 3.0.0 when you made your comment) alot has changed both hardware & software since your comment.

So I think now its safe to say if you have a switch (or two) and have cloud storage (NSO service-12-month) you can retrieve your "lost" Data. Just make sure to have all games BACKED UP. I have every game BACKED UP.



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