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To Begin... This game is absolutely gorgeous to look at and is truly magical to play.

The only blemish on my experience is that i have been experiencing noticeable drops in the frame rate when there is a lot of long grass on the screen. The grass is one of the most attractive and immersive elements of the the game and is an absolute joy to move through and admire.

Would be the cherry on an already decadent and delicious cake if this issue could be fixed.
(I understand its only just come out and we need to give Nintendo time... I just want the issue brought to light)

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Sorry, but this isn't important, so I'm editing your title to remove the attention-seeking aspect. Also, we have an existing Breath of the Wild thread, so please use that one, 'cos this one's getting locked.

Also, we're not Nintendo, so try tweeting them. But have you not considered that they've probably played the game themselves and so are well aware of performance issues?

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