Topic: i accidentally put a curve into my switch lite

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yes as stupid as i sound i am... my sister left her switch on my bed under my covers and i knelt on it and now there’s a obvious curve it in. the top where the vents are has a small space and deformed space where it peaked up. it works fine and all for rn but should i be worried it’ll stop working or something, or just buy her a new one or just chill out lmao. please lend me your advice



1. Flip it over the other way.
2. Put it back under the covers.
3. Kneel in the same place again.
4. Ask yourself "What's the point in worrying about it? It's either damaged internally or it isn't. I'll deal with anything that arises when it arises, but I'll mention it to my sister so that she's aware what happened, and maybe she'll even stop leaving it on my bed in future."

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@gcunit your comment is Grand! Because legit ***** if be on the same wave length had my sibling stupidity left their switch in MY bed. But also OP I'm a kinda of lesson teaching sister so my opinion would be to show her it now tell her what happened && explain it's not my fault altho I am sorry It happened but it wouldn't if she didn't leave it there... Not mean but also not 'nice sibling'

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