Topic: Good Open World Adventure Game?

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Mew wrote:

I don't think there really is any good, truly open world, family friendly games [that aren't BOTW] off the top of my head, especially on switch.

I really enjoyed Lego City Undercover on Wii U, which is a proper open world game. I don't know if the Switch version is as good but I don't see why it wouldn't be (apart from the lack of Gamepad features). The upcoming Lego Star Wars looks very promising too.



@Dogorilla I guess that is pretty open world. I wouldn't put it up with the standard AAA open world games like BOTW or bethesda stuff from a total gameplay freedom perspective, though.

The switch version is alright, though the performance seems to be a bit worse than it was on wii u. especially in splitscreen.

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Dragon's Dogma doesn't have anything that you'd want to censor for a kid, but if adult themes are a major concern, then the best open-world games on Switch are Breath of the Wild and Dragon Quest XI.



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