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Like the title says, I want to collect games here that make good use of the Switch's touch screen. This means, that the touch controls are integrated into the gameplay in a way that makes sense and is fun / intuitive to use. It is not necessary for the game to only use touch controls, only that it does have (optional) touch controls that are well executed.
I will update this list on the fly:

  • Rayman Legends (Murphy's Touch levels)
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Club House Games
  • Brain Training
  • The World Ends With You
  • Sushi Striker
  • Big Brain Academy
  • Loop Hero
  • Deemo
  • VOEZ

The touch controls have to be integrated into the actual gameplay. Menu selection, etc. is not enough to be counted here.

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Sushi Striker and The World Ends With You.

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Big Brain Academy, definitely. I always play that with the touch screen.

I also use my stylus for Pokémon Shining Pearl for the underground sections, but that’s arguably only a small part of the overall experience.

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You can also contact Nintendo Support and they can also give info to this as well. Because not everyone has the same game to update this correctly besides coming from Nintendo itself.



VOEZ and Deemo are the first thing that come to mind. Neither even had button controls when they first launched on Switch.

Loop Hero is another where I found myself making pretty regular use of the touch screen.


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I was quite annoyed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons barely incorporated touchscreen use when the DS/3DS instalments were playable mostly if not entirely with the touchscreen.

Even navigating the catalogue is a pain as it only allows you to use the touchscreen to type using the in-game keyboard, but forces you to use buttons for everything else. Almost pointless.

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Harvest Moon Light of Hope, Farming Simulator 20, and any game in the Piczle series… Those can be played entirely with the touch screen.

I would really like if games like those allowed you play without any controllers connected, most of them get stuck asking for a controller, even though you don’t really need one.


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@Eel : Yeah, that really annoys me too.

Fortunately, Brain Training can be played without any controllers attached, but that is in the extreme minority.

Big Brain Academy, however, forces you to have Joy-Con connected at all times even though the entirety of the game can be played with only the touch-screen. Ugh.

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I would also add Game Builder Garage to that list. I can't imagine myself ever using that without the touch-screen.

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The Scribblenauts Collection is really good and I played through the first game touch screen only by typing on the on-screen keyboard.

Unfortunately it's one of those ones that @Eel mentioned where it forces you to have the Joy Cons attached. Makes the Switch a bit hard to hold and type two-thumbed like you would on a phone. Better to rest it on your lap and type on it like a keyboard

Pianista is another that has touch screen controls but I think the buttons are better implemented controls on that game. Another rhythm series Fredric 1, 2 and 3 have quite good touch controls though


I’m late but I just have to add one game to this that works amazingly well with touch screen: Unpacking. Short and sweet game where you unpack and decorate places, with a short story tied to it.



Captain Toad works incredibly well using the touch screen. In fact, I only play it that way.

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Hoping Advance Wars in stouch screen in handheld mode.

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Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon. The latter even uses multi-touch controls, such as using two fingers to scroll through lists and the pinch gesture to zoom in/out on the map.

Off the top of my head; SteamWorld Heist, Ring of Pain and Into the Breach are my honourable mentions.

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Otherwise: Not sure. I'll think of something.

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