Topic: Games that nintendo switch owners want ported to the console

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Bayonetta 1+2, The 3DS version of Mario Golf, Metroid Prime, XCX, Smash, SSX3, XtremeG 3, Wave Race and I know it's only a PS1 game, but would somebody please bring back Einhander?



@Ogbert I know what the thread is about. It's just nice to see logical level headed requests here.

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Anything from Monster Hunter series
Rocket League
Final Fantasy VII or newer entries
Street Fighter IV or V



faint wrote:

Ogbert I know what the thread is about. It's just nice to see logical level headed requests here.

Well the thread is what games people want, not the levelled headed requests based on realistic expectations that will still disappoint thread.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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@faint The Tegra X1 is a better chip than a lot of people are giving it credit for (it can handle Crysis 3 and Resi V...#beast) There aren't too many games that you could categorically rule out based on specs alone (only really those that claim to push PS4/X1 to the absolute max) ...nothing on @Ogbert's list was totally illogical or 'wonky-headed'

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On another note, Dragons Dogma on Switch would slay me, Phantasy Star Online (in some form) as well, and maybe the Aliens Vs Predator that appeared on PS3 years back. Now that was a stellar game. Fond memories~

Other than that, I can't think of much else. Disgaea is already on its way and we're getting Xenoverse supposedly before the end of the year. I think so far, Switch is turning out to be my favorite console ever.

Oh! And Bayonetta would be awesome as well! Mebbeh Bayonetta 3? Take a hint, Platinum!

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@faint There's a difference between 'unlikely' and 'illogical' though - Halo is illogical because it's an Xbox exclusive, the games on @Ogbert's list might be unlikely, but it'd hardly defy logic to see any of them appear on Switch...

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definitly Batman Arkham Knight. Played the first 2 and would like to know how it ends.

also, Disney Afternoon Collection would be cool.

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Hearthstone's gotta be coming to the Switch. I mean, come on - it's perfect. And from what I hear, the game is going through a down swing, so why not get that sucker out to a new audience and hopefully reel in some new money?



Super Smash Bros.
Something like Overwatch or Team Fortress
Super Mario Maker
Donkey Kong
pretty much any Final Fantasy game

Any Mario like Sunshine, Galaxy 1 & 2 or New Super Mario Bros.

Some sort of arcade-style racing game. Mario Kart is a blast, but i'm thinking of some kind of rally game

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I know this thread is about games possibly ported , but enough already.

New and proper Metroid title please.
We have waited far long enough

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A new splinter cell, a HD update of Burnout 3 and a NEW captain Toad.

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I would really like to see a COD 4 remaster on here as I prohibitly mentioned in another thread. Actually even better than that would be MW2 remaster. But without lightweight, marathon and commando perks. That ruined multiplayer for that one. I'd probably pay $40 to get what the last gens got for Black Ops 3 too.



I’d still go for the CoD remastered and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

I gotta feeling Bethesda has some more plans after Wolfenstein 2 also. I’m hoping for Fallout anything because I’ve never played any.

But I would really like to see them port over something like the newer Tomb Raider games. We need some good third person action games like that.



I want DOA6. Announced for PS/Xbox but no Switch version. =(



A Hat in Time and no, none of the developer's excuses cut it. Other companies manages to port games on Unreal 3 to the Switch in a matter weeks. An experienced team could definitely do it and make the company a lot of money. Spyro Trilogy should show up on Switch too.

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Heading into e3, this is my non-nintendo list:

Fallout 3 Special
Dishonored 1 & 2
Metal Wolf Chaos
Metal Gear Solid 5 & Collection
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Mass Effect 1-3
Madden 19
Splinter Cell Conviction
Rainbow Six Siege with offline Terrorist Hunt
And big old pile of indie games, mainly roguelikes or lites that I want on there or are new.

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One of my requests is already on the way, in Okami, so that's nice. Now if the powers at Square could just pull their fingers out and give us the Dragon Quest XI they promised before the Switch even launched, that would be nice. And does anyone know what happened to Dark Souls? When will it respawn? As for Hollow Knight, the shine has faded. Not sure I care any more...

Aside from that, Persona 5 on the go would be amazing (and why not? It was released on PS3). More realistically, I'd also like to see Into the Breach head this way. Seems overdue.

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