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This looks great. Does anyone know voices the girl as she sounds familiar?

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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nope, but I loved the art style, this looked awesome!

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I'm just glad Zoink is back on Nintendo after their beautiful and funny "Stick it to the Man!" on Wii U.
This looks better than their other two games, Zombie Vikings and Fe, however I still want Zombie Vikings and Fe to come to Switch as well. I think Zombie Vikings is in development for Switch for some time now, so good times ahead.

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I downloaded it yesterday. It is full of quirky dark humor, which fits me. It is quite good, but I think the button mappings could have gotten some more love.



I don't often get into indies, but this one looked good back in the launch era Nindie Direct, and since it's getting physical, I figured I'd jump on it!


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