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Please can somebody help me: I can't log-in to the Nintendo Switch eShop and I get error code 2811-5001 I tried everything to fix the problem but nothing work..


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sora2209 wrote:

Please can somebody help me: I can't log-in to the Nintendo Switch eShop and I get error code 2811-5001 I tried everything to fix the problem but nothing work..

Error Code: 2811-5001
You are unable to access an online feature, such as Nintendo eShop, on your Nintendo Switch console and receive the error code 2811-5001.

Additional Information:
This error code indicates an error occurred when connecting to the service, likely the result of the network environment.
This error may be the result of the DNS used, or issue related to wireless interference, weak signal strength, or an unresponsive router.
Possible Solutions:
Manually enter an alternate DNS.
If the DNS you are attempting to use is not working, entering an alternate DNS may resolve this issue.

Power cycle your home network.
Restarting your network devices may resolve this issue if it is related to the devices being unresponsive.

Move the Nintendo Switch console closer to the wireless router.
If possible, place the Nintendo Switch console within 3 to 5 metres (10 to 15 feet) of the wireless router to improve the signal strength during troubleshooting.

It may be helpful to remove the Nintendo Switch console from the Nintendo Switch dock while troubleshooting, and then return the console when troubleshooting is complete.
Move any metal objects or electronic devices away from your Nintendo Switch console and wireless router.
Metal objects and electronic devices may interfere with wireless signals. If you have any of these, such as filing cabinets, speakers, power strips, glass, or cordless phones, next to your console or wireless router, move them away.

If supported by your router, connect to a different wireless band.
Many routers support both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. If your router supports both, set up a new internet connection and connect to the band you are not currently connecting to. Many routers will have default SSID names that label whether the connection is 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, but if you're not sure, you can review this information within your router's settings.

Situation Not Resolved:
If you are still unable to connect, this may indicate an issue related to the network environment or wireless router being used.

If you would like to continue troubleshooting potential issues related to the wireless router, contact the router's manufacturer for assistance with performing the following steps:

Updating the wireless router's firmware
Resetting the router back to its factory default settings
If you would like further assistance with the Nintendo Switch console, please contact our Customer Support.

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@sora2209 If you ever get an error code on a Nintendo console, you can plug the code into the search bar on Nintendo's support page. That's where @aresius found the explanation of your error code. I've pasted a link to the explanation of your error code, but if you want to try it, you can plug your code into the search bar of that page to see how it works. I couldn't tell if you knew, so, disregard if you already did.

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