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@pakkushika big update here, after I sprayed directly contact cleaner to the usb c connection last back on oct 15th, it kept lossing signal, however i didn't play for 1 or 2 days. Ever since I haven't lost connection 1 single time (playing average 2 hrs per session), I have ran several tests (different tvs, connected to a strip, breaker, wall, different hdmis, even games) NO SIGNAL LOSSES.

I'm heavily relieved, however just today I ran the ultimate test:

I have always played on docked mode with the switch charge up to 100%, so in the main menu you only see the 100 icon with no "charging icon". I played today with 93% and signal loss almost inmediatly , waited for 100 to charge and so far have only lost signal once but recovered it almost straight away.

My guess is there is something going on in the power charging and makes it reset or something like that, as when it is not charging I might not get signal losses.


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