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Well, when this was announced you just know someone was going to try it out, and since I had gold coins to spare I figured why not.

Pretty much it's a puzzle game where different colored blocks appear in the play area, and it's the job of your character to push & pull them around to make matches of the same color to slowly reveal pinup art of scantily dressed women under the play area (some of these do feature topless nudity, hence the "M" rating, however in addition to the default uncensored mode there are two different "modesty" modes you can enable to make it a less risqué experience), however various enemies & the ability to block yourself in (or make a section of the play area inaccessible) mean you have to try to think a bit ahead & on your toes.

A lot more has seemed to go into it than Waifu Uncovered (a title from the same publisher with a similar appeal). Outside of the fanservicy elements, the game has an appealing clean looking 80's neon aesthetic that's a world beyond the amateurish meme/potty humour of the previous title. Plus it seems legitimately better as a game too (though I'm not too far into it yet), and really makes you work hard if you want to unlock that pinup, as while you can clear stages without completely filling out the outlined area that features the pinup artwork, you don't unlock that image in the gallery unless you do so, which is a lot harder to accomplish than it initially seems (I find it to be very easy to be able to accidentally block off a section of the play area, which means you have to restart the level if you want to complete that specific part of the area).

You can turn off enemies on the level select screen which theoretically makes things easier as you can just focus on matching blocks (and I don't think doing so penalizes you in any way), however crushing enemies with a block also contributes to being able to fill out the play area, so you won't have that method of clearing available to you if you do so (and probably limits your high score capability as well). It might be worth it to help learn the game though, as it's pretty easy to accidentally kill an enemy, clearing a part of the image you didn't want to & blocking off an area you haven't filled in yet.

There are also occasional boss levels (I stopped for today after the first one). These don't feature an image to unlock, and can be skipped if you have enough gold stars (which are earned by clearing a level with it's pinup art completely filled out).

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Another fine bit of anime smut.

I look forward to the physical release.

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