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I've noticed several bugs/errors in the BIT.TRIP series on Nintendo Switch, which were released on the eShop on 25 December by Choice Provisions in collaberation with Qubic Games. I noticed these having played the games on Wii and 3DS which don't have any of these issues:

1) In BIT.TRIP VOID, the beat is out of tempo upon entering Mega, Super and Ultra. This makes the game somewhat unpleasant to play as the music is supposed to compliment the gameplay, but in its current form it sounds awful.

2) In BIT.TRIP RUNNER, the graffiti textures in World 3 (Triumph) are all messed up and look like a bunch of random colours rather than the pixel art as it should be.

3) In BIT.TRIP FATE, there is a graphical error in the opening cutscene, where the trails of the main characters go dark and transparent instead of the multicolours they are supposed to be.

I am wondering if anybody else on here has bought these games and noticed the same issues, and if so I'm not sure where to report them to get them fixed?


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