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@CactusMan So, if I were to buy Chocobo GP, whether physically or digitally, I can pretty much play the game like any other kart racer, and not worry about in-game purchases?

I just assume the battle pass is only for the Chocobo GP mode. I was wondering if it affects the purchased portion of the game. As I mentioned before, I think they were trying to do what Halo Infinite did, offer the big online mode for free with microtransactions, and have the single player stuff as a purchase.



While the criticisms of the game are totally valid, I've found a lot to enjoy here and as a fan of Chocobo (anyone remember the cute LINE stickers?) I've gotten my money's worth out of $40. As crazy as it sounds - and I don't want to endorse this crazy MTX model - I've pretty much stopped playing Elden Ring and have been playing Chocobo GP since it came out.

Already cleared the modes outside of GP and managed to win a GP once. It's fun.



@CactusMan Then that's good to hear. I don't mind buying a little something in a F2P game I like, but for a full release like this, I wouldn't do it anyway since I bought the game. It stays on my wishlist until it goes on sale.

I like the racing so far from the bit I played in Chocobo GP mode. My friend likes it too, and he got in third place in the 64 player race.

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Has anyone in NA imported this from another region? Are you able to make purchases (mythril etc.) easily? Or is the dlc/mtx region locked. Debating on importing this physical but if buying things is gonna be a pain then I may be stuck digital.



@Neezer You can buy physical from Amazon UK. They accept US currency & ship to US, delivery time one week.

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So, I played Chocobo GP with a friend today. My friend has the game, so the local wireless option in the lite version only allows players to join local games. You need to own the game to host a local game.

Just putting this out there if anyone wants to know how local multiplayer works on the lite version. Though had fun racing with my friend.



This game is trash. I can't remember the last time I felt so bamboozled out of my hard earned $50. My recommendation is for everyone to disregard this mtx-riddled tragedy of a game. Remember when the Square Enix brand used to stand for "quality"? Well, this game strays far away from quality.

Releases like this and Babylon 's Fall make me question S-E's corporate leadership. But to be fair S-E have been doubling down on re-releasing their back catalogue on Switch, which makes it difficult to be outright mad at them. However, Chocobo GP sucks. Full stop.

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@Magician idk I find the driving mechanics pretty enjoyable myself.

The Magicite & ability system the game offers add good strategic resource management.

Yeah it's a kart racing game at the end of the day, bad RNG and chaos go in hand with these kind of games. Even with that though I think what the game does gameplay-wise is very solid, not to mention than the roster is pretty good and music remixes are on spot!


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@Magician I'm shocked if doesn't live up to the legacy of the original Playstation Chocobo Racing, no wait, it sucking does live up to it's legacy. ;p

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