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I bought 2 switches for christmas (one for me and a lite for my daughter) and havent made the accounts yet. Is there a way to set up our accounts so that i can buy games in my account and share them with her on her switch? i dont want to buy physical copies because she might lose them (unless theres a way to copy the games so i can make extra copies of my cartridge in case she loses them). I called nintendo for help with this but they said that was not possible. i refuse to believe theres no way to share digital copes with my daughter since i own a license for the game when i buy it and its fair use to share it with the members of your household. any help and suggestions will be appreciated.



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How to Play Your Games Across Multiple Systems

So, theoretically from this article, I can set up the tv console as a "primary", and then have my account on multiple switches for the kids to play the games through my profile? Such as 1 primary and 2 secondary?

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@AndyD no. It's the other way around. You want the system you use the most regularly be your "secondary" switch and are able to put the "main account" on one other switch. I do that with my switch lite and the "big" switch in the living room so everyone can play whatever I buy digitally.

The big drawback is that you can't play a game on two systems simultaneously. You can move your savedata back and forth with zero issues tho, it's two or three button clicks from the icon of the game in question, the only exception to that I can think of is animal Crossing altho I believe they allow you to move your savedata/island between systems by now. That might be a bit more complicated, every other game allows you to move saves in a matter of seconds (including Pokémon, which a lot people don't seem to know/realize)

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Like I said you need to contact Switch Support for such questions as no one answers from users on here will be the same. So Contact Nintendo Support when asking such questions.


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