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Is the Nintendo switch ever going to get an actual camera, so playing games like "just dance" or "Sports" can be done without joy-con controllers?



@LaughableCow I highly doubt it. That technology seems to have died with the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move. Also, movement tracking from a camera can be much more inaccurate than movement from a controller.

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@LaughableCow I agree, the camera peripheral(like xbox kinect) is the best way to play Just Dance, but the camera has been too niche, and no console outside of Xbox One has offered a camera peripheral. Xbox has even given up on it with it's latest console, Series X/S. (I don't know if it's backward compatible with the X/S?). It's a shame. I think Just Dance should sell a camera peripheral just for their game for all console platforms.

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Camera feature is too niche and not many support it anymore since motion detect from Sony and Kinect from MS died that pretty much told why it won't happen.


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