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Going to grab the entire collection today, I believe. Do i start with 1 or the pre- sequel?



@Tasuki good stuff thanks. So gamestop emailed over a $10 coupon on $50 or more. I walked into gamestop and they only had the display copy there( which I typically hate, but whatever). I asked for a discount since they didn't have any sealed copies, and thankfully the guy said yea ill give you 10% off plus the $10 off. So i walked away with the collection for 35 bones. Not bad.



@NintendoByNature Wow an intelligent GameStop employee. I can't tell you how many times I went into GameStop and they tried the ole last copy so it's open but we will charge you full price scam. Which is why now if I want a game new I just buy it from somewhere else then GameStop. If I want used then I will go to GameStop.

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@Tasuki yea I hate when they pull that. Thankfully it worked in my favor this time. I cant really complain. I usually do Wal-Mart for discount they give on games in store. Not like it matters anyway considering most of the collection is DL anyway, so even if it was "used" or open, i Have to DL 2/3 anyhow.

Which brings me to this question. Even the 1st game on the cart requires a 7gb DL? I just got home and went to fire it up and boom, asked me to DL the update. Kind of blows



Why I bought them digital. Cart is a bit pointless for games like that.

As for the order, if you care about story (not that it's anything great), then it's 1, 2, Pre-Sequel. If all you care about is gameplay then start with 2.

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So I've been playing a good 6-8 hours and this game is so awesome(first game). I played bioshock 1 before this, and the two don't really compare in imo. Sure the atmosphere was better in bio, but the game play is far better in borderlands. Glad I went for the collection instead of individually. In the same breath, glad I only bought the indivual version of bioshock 1 instead of the collection, since I wasn't crazy about it.



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