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I've deregistered my account's primary console by accident. I've tried deleting my user account from the switch and adding it again but the switch isn't automatically registered as my account's primary console. I don't have my account on any other switch. It's not a huge problem but other users with the same switch as their primary console can't access the games I've bought. Is there a way of registering the same switch as an account's primary console after deregistering it?



@Ryosha I think I can help? Nintendo support says you do it by logging into your nintendo account on nintendo's website. But I don't see it there. I'm wondering if the directions are outdated, or if it's because I only have one console. If you can't find it there, I have seen the setting in eshop though.

Open eshop.
Select your user icon in upper right (this opens page "account inforomation")
Scroll down, and near the bottom, you'll see "Primary Console" with register/deregister button.

Nintendo uk support used to have a chat messenger, but it looks like its gone?(they also had a phone line, can't find that either, now.) If the north american site isn't region locked, you can try their support messenger.

Until now, the Nintendo support page has been an excellent resource for stuff like this. You can search support for "primary console" for the Switch, and see what else comes up.

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@WoomyNNYes Thanks, I appreciate the help. I've just found Deregister Primary Console under Shop Menu in my Nintendo Account Settings and hopefully the Nintendo Switch will register as my account's primary console once I've logged into it again.


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