Topic: The PAINFULLY long wait for Mario Maker 2 News

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You've probably realized how awkward it's been without a Nintendo Direct this past month or so. We got that awkward 15 minute Joker/Version 3.0 Smash Update video that could have been in a direct and more random spurts of news elsewhere.

If you don't know me I am absolutely delighted whenever anything is announced for Mario Maker so that past few weeks have been hard as a hardcore fan of this game.

I think all they have to do, or could have done, is put together one of those Mini Directs we got in January of last year and announce a good deal more about the game and then sprinkle in some more news with that. What do you guys think?

Am I right? Am I wrong? Let me know!

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Btw I can see the future


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Whaha, you've earned it mate! Enjoy the viewing tomorrow



How's this news...?


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@iRiS Please could you start a thread complaining about a lack of Pikmin 4 news?

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@iRiS I agree with @chardir Do one for pikmin 4

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@chardir @1UP_MARIO, I could do that but to be honest I’ve have never played a single pikmin game. I know, stunning. If you guys don’t want to make a forum I could do some quick research on the game and get myself hyped for the game, but otherwise it might be better if someone else does it.


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You got some lottery numbers?

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Lemme try;
The PAINFULLY long wait for Mother 3 News

I tried.


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I find it strange that Nintendo only showed off things in Mario Maker and didn't explain how diferent aspects of the game work. Oh well! Guess we'll have to wait till E3. ¯(ツ)


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I would hope that with more characters, we are able to play with different character abilities like in mario 2, 3d world, or mario run.

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Oh boy do I have a shock for you...

Nice >:]

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