Topic: Pillars of Eternity - May 31 release date?

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So.. if you google “deadfire Nintendo switch release.” A big banner comes up and says this title will be released 31May2019. Anyone know anything about that? I haven’t seen any news about it, but thought I’d give a quick google hunt to check for news. I’d add the picture if I could/knew how.



Hmmm... Deadfire originally had a release date for the end of last year. Not entirely sure what the holdup is, but I’m guessing we’ll get a big chunk of the DLC or at least the new turn-based combat system when it finally does arrive on Switch. Must admit, I’m pretty torn. Not desperate to play it, but this is exactly the kind of game and developer I want to see do well and support the Switch. Hope it at least meets their expectations, despite coming so late to the platform.

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