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I am experiencing an error code when trying to access the Miiverse during Lego Marvel Avengers. The error code I keep getting is 115-0103. If I close Lego Marvel Avengers and then access Miiverse, I have no issue in accessing it.
Now I can see Miiverse has a Lego Marvel Avenger community where players have uploaded to their journals so people must be able to access it.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I've googled it but can't find any reference to this issue at all.

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So with no responses and nothing found on Google search that would offer any explanation I decided to fault find the issue myself, which meant constant loading and deleting save games, and frustratingly not playing/enjoying the game.

I'm pleased to say I have solve the issue. The issue is caused by accepting the invitation to participate in the game improvement process by the game sending TT games your playing details. This question is first asked after the game connects to the Marvel Avengers servers. If you select Yes, what ever it does to the game, conflicts with the in game ability to connect to Miiverse.
If you select No you have no issues in connecting to Miiverse in game.



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