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so i am going to be buying a 256gb micro sdxc memory card from amazon us but do not know how many games it will hold as of right know a have four 64gb cards and a 128gb card now if memory serves correct if you use game cartriges depending on size on a 128gb card that would be 20-25 games right so how many would a 256gb memory card hold

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@goldengophers Well 256gb is 2x128gb so double what a 128gb card holds. It's impossible to say how many games it would hold though as every game is a different size. Some physical games require large downloads, others don't. Some Eshop games are huge, others are tiny. It's possible to fit 300+ games on a 256gb card.

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It really depends on file sizes of course. Me myself I had a 200gb card for the first two years and only filled it up a little over halfway but then again I buy physicals for any game I can so lower sized games were on mine. I upgraded to a 400gb earlier this year and I stiill have yet to hit 30%. I also have given 200gb cards to others and they have been having no issue with them holding many games but of course if you buy a top aaa game you wont be holding many games. You should look at your storage and kind of estimate your length of time owning the switch and how long it took you to get what you have. That would be a good estimate on how long another card would take.
Now keep in mind you can keep the card you are using and swap out the sd cards when you want to play the games on the other card and vice versa. You do not have to transfer it over at all. The dls and anything else will be saved on that sd card. Yuo r system memory keeps almost all the saved data you aquire sooo.



@Dirty0814 that last bit about saving the current card. Have you done that to avoid needing to re-download games? You can give me a yes or no answer. Assume i don't need other details. I can look up the rest to do things properly.

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