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I've noticed something odd about my game?

I'm a fairly high level I think, lvl35 when I wrote this and still playing but looking at my collection of clothes I've noticed a lack of pants? I have a lot of socks, tons of shirts, a few dresses and skirts but only two pairs of actual pants? The red x-mas pants and the explorers shorts. Am I just really unlucky in the shops and keep missing them?

I can wear the blue haori now which is very nice but other then that my choices are the kimono, alpine dress or shirt and one of three skirts.
So I'm very limited in my choices for a nice outfit I actually like because I don't like the only two pants I have yet have to pick one if I want to wear the cool shirts...
Are there options for just straight up jeans or slacks in the game that I'm just missing?

I'm sorry for the post that's basically just me whining about something frivolous in a free game, I'm just feeling a tad constricted in my options at the moment. I'm hoping that when the customizable clothes feature is released there will be a pants option?

Thank you in advance!



Hi, Yes there are pants available. Quite a few actually, and if you check out the catalogue in the "other" section of the game where you also find the link to your Nintendo account and your camper loan, you'll see what's available via the market place shop that Mabel runs. I've been playing since day one last November, and you need to visit regularly to spot what you want. I've just noticed there is another Pocket Camp forum on here with several pages, which you might find useful, though I haven't had time for a browse yet. Use the site's search button to find it.

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