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Hi! I've had a switch lite for a few years and almost all of the games have bought have been digital downloads. My little sister is getting a switch soon and I've been thinking of making her switch my secondary console so we don't have to buy some of the games twice. My question is specifically about Animal Crossing. I have the game downloaded on my switch, but the game doesn't allow for separate playing experiences and she'd have to play on my island which wouldn't be as fun for her. If she has her own separate download of Animal Crossing on her switch and I make it my secondary console will she be able to have her own island, or will the switch not recognise both versions of the game?



That would work, but you wouldn't be able to play it at the same time if she uses the game tied to your account. She would also need to use your profile to be able to play your downloaded games on a secondary Switch.

If she bought her own version of Animal Crossing (on her own Nintendo account/physical catridge) you can play at the same time even if it's your secondary console.

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@maggie131814 If you have two people that want to play on two Switch consoles at the same time, you will need to make a new nintendo account for the new Switch and need buy new copies of the games for the second switch. The Switch system of Primary & Secondary consoles is designed for a single owner.

Almost every month, there are always parents or family members making an account here to complain about multiple switches sharing a nintnedo account. That's a normal thing to want, and people assume the Switch will let you share digital games, but the Switch system doesn't allow that. For instance, if two people want to play Splatoon or Animal Crossing together with two consoles, both consoles will need their own nintendo account, and buy one copy of the game for each console. Learning this after you buy two Switches almost always results in major disappointment & frustration.

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@maggie131814 All users can play digital games from any user provided its their Primary Switch. If it's a Secondary Switch, only the account that purchased the game can play. I think the secondary Switch also needs to have internet access when opening the game - it does a check whether the player is the owner of the game I guess.

Your sister could play your digital games (with your user) on her new Switch as long as you are not playing the same game (with your user) on your Switch. It's possible for her to use a separate save file if you don't sync the save via cloud. I've done this with my son - his Switch is my secondary and he plays Mario Kart 8 using my user without affecting the save on my Switch. It does affect my total play time for MK8, but that's about it.

It is possible to play the same digital game on two consoles at the same time if you have both accounts on both Consoles and each user plays on their secondary console.

Sounds complicated, but it's pretty simple once you get your head around it! For example, if you bought the game, you play on her Switch (your secondary) with your user - it's your game so you have access. Your sister then uses her user on your console - it's your Primary, so ALL users have access. Alternatively, you could make each others console the Primary and you'd both have access to each others games.

Animal Crossing is a little different as the island is tied to the console anyway rather than the save game, and can only be transferred to another console using the transfer tool - so even if she started Animal Crossing with your user on her new Switch it won't use your existing save file/island.


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