Topic: Why aren't there Animal crossing clone games?

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....Do you actually WANT AC clones?

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Well I for one think that there are plenty of life-sim games out there, none as unique as Animal Crossing though to be fair. Also, it's not like Animal Crossing is a franchise lacking in releases either, there is 100% guaranteed to be a new mainline game in development currently and if it isn't released by this time in a couple of years then I'll be very surprised.



Same reason as to why most of Nintendo games don't have clones - they're hard tomake and a unique art style and gameplay is part of the reason why a game is liked. It's the reason why games like Playstation All-Stars failed.
There's not much you can do with the formula anyway - AC is good for a younger audience and it doesn't bother older people as well, so you would have to fight with the Sims audience over it.



The answer is yes I do want animal crossing clones because when I'm bored I have an alternative version of a game I like to play instead. Animal crossing gets stale after a while. If I could program I would make a demake of animal crossing using the gba graphics from the gamecube game.




I understand Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times for the DS is basically Animal Crossing in a magic school. Seemingly only came out in America, though.

Personally, Animal Crossing itself keeps me occupied enough. Other games in the same vein could tempt me, but then I'd have no time for anything else!

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You should try the several other life and farming simulators, then. I don't think any AC clones would be necessary, though...


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Because the amount is efforts that goes into an animal crossing game is huge! All the characters and conversations aren't easy to do but Nintendo knows the games are popular and sell well so they do it a clone has the worrie it wouldn't sell well and they proabably don't have enough money to do so anyway!

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