Castaway Paradise

Last week we pointed your attention to iPad title Castaway Paradise, which has striking similarities to Animal Crossing and some aspects that would be familiar to Harvest Moon fans; all with a dash of micro-transactions, of course.

Footage of the title, already out in countries such as Canada and New Zealand and arriving elsewhere later in the year, naturally prompted plenty to accuse it of being a 'clone', though that's hardly a rarity in the modern games industry. Developer Stolen Couch Games has now issued some comments to Eurogamer to assert that the title draws inspiration from multiple sources; the company also states that Nintendo has no issues with the title and, perhaps amazingly, the studio is considering bringing the free-to-play release to the Wii U.

Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and The Sims are all inspirations for Castaway Paradise. What we tried to do is create an experience similar to those games but for all platforms, including mobile and Steam. We've taken the best aspects of life simulators and improved and expanded on these aspects.

Some people are concerned of Nintendo's opinion of our game. All I can say it that we've been talking to Nintendo for years. We've showed Castaway Paradise to them and everything is fine. We're even considering bringing Castaway Paradise to the Wii U. There are many differences between the before mentioned games and Castaway Paradise.

So there you have it. Let us know your thoughts on these comments from the developer and whether you'd welcome this title to Wii U, either adjusted for the platform or even as a rare free-to-play release. If you want to decide for yourself on how much of a 'clone' it is, video footage is below.