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I recommend that you play the game Frostpunk. It's a great action game. Speaking of which, I found it purely by accident. On the game site here. And I got it at a discount. Generally I do not see the point of overpaying for games. Because a lot of games are very expensive. Often I do and that's it.

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Is the Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth game worth playing? I'm on a Ace Attorney kick at the moment (halfway through Resolve, and playing the first trilogy again), but I've never played the spin-off.

It's quite expensive secondhand.

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If possible, go watch Dune!



Seconded. Book is amazing. Denis Villeneuve is also amazing.


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Lugazz wrote:

If possible, go watch Dune!

Is it on Netflix?

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Since i saw Dune a few posts above me, i also recommend watching this years another round, Riders of Justice and maybe Last night in soho for some good entertainment. @Caperfin Yes, Dune is on Netflix

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has anyone here played Gods Eater 3 on Switch? loved Burst on the PSP and was considering ordering it but wanted to know what the general consensus on the game was. granted the game is probably enjoyed by some and not by others, regardless I'd love some pointers and advice. cheers

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