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Hey guys! So, I'm gonna start by saying there are a few games that come to mind (Duck Game, Astro Duel Deluxe, and Real Men Use Items, to name a few) that I believe are not fitting of any pre-existing genre. The pixel retro-esque looks combined with quick (and boy do I mean quick) "rounds" where when you win one round you get a point eventually trying to get to a certain point goal to win are definitely deserving of their own genre especially as their popularity begins to rise.

You could argue that these are indie games, and that that is a true statement, however indie is extremely broad especially nowadays. If you call these games indie genre games you could just as well call something like Splatoon a "AAA game" whereas I'm talking about genres related to actual gameplay.

So, what new genre should be created to categorize these games based on the flow of the gameplay? Well, I'd like to put them under the new genre of "pixel party". Anyway, what do you guys think? Are these games deserving of a new genre?


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