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@Colonel_Mustache the part about grogu was significantly more important and it felt throwaway this should have been a huge event and it was in one of mando’s shortest episodes and it was kind of just dropped in with no context

Star wars fans are great at complaining

It’s simping time

guardians 3 is incredible


@Eagly We truly are the best lol...
Well, I don't complain as much about certain things, but yeah I can complain lol...

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@Colonel_Mustache I am a master complainer I can complain about everything. Especially star wars

It’s simping time

guardians 3 is incredible


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Just saw a commercial for the upcoming series, Unicorn Warriors Eternal on Adult Swim.

First impressions, looks really cool. I do have high hopes for it since it's from Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Dexter's Laboratory, Primal and Samurai Jack.

The link on my profile got even worse.

Don't click on it.

Or you can, at your own risk.


Cat Planet Cuties (Blu-Ray)

With a name like "Cat Planet Cuties", you know what to expect from this, and it delivers on it, really no more no less.

It's your standard fare harem fan service anime, with light themes and nods to classic & b-movie sci-fi properties (like "Star Trek"), plus a lot of cat (& dog) puns.

Angel Cop (Blu-Ray)

80's-90's OVA set in near future (I think 2000, lol?) Japan that sees an extra legal police force combating "communist" terrorists who want to destroy Japan's booming economy.

With cybernetically enhanced police, a trio of telekinetic assassins, hyper detailed, gritty, & gory animation, it's sort of a mixture of "Ghost in the Shell", "Akira", & other such seminal works that delivers a generally awesome blood soaked time.

Unfortunately it is held back by some mean spirited elements. At first blush it's "merely" nationalistic, with a jealous America pulling the strings of the terrorists & assassins (Japan will agree to be the next state, or else they will tank the economy & turn the country into a nuclear waste dump), and if you're watching the dub or "censored subtitled" versions that's as deep as it goes (& those are probably the only variants available on streaming platforms).

However, the Blu-Ray release also includes an "uncensored subtitled" track, with a warning upon startup that says it "features dialogue offensive to certain nationalities & ethnicities", and urges you to watch the dub or "censored subtitled" track if you are bothered by such things. Long story short, it features blatantly anti-Semitic sentiments, with the extra context being that America's hostile behavior is due to it being controlled by Jews, who want to exert that control over Japan's economy as well (even Lucifer, the crazy telekinetic big bad, is ultimately described as just wanting to protect America from further damage by them).

Credit to the publisher, one of the special features included is a lengthy article exploring the history of anti-Semitism in Japan, how it peaked in the 80's/90's, & how it likely found it's way into this project (it's a good read, especially as context if you decide to watch the "uncensored subtitled" version).

Of course, you could always just watch the dub (or "censored subtitles") if you want to leave behind some of the more questionable elements, as it's generally a really good watch otherwise (& even then it doesn't outright blow it's top until the final part, although there is a hint a bit earlier on).

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Mando Season 3 Episode 5
Live Mustache Reaction:

-Rangers of the New Republic Backdoor Pilot
-Former Imperial Girl Still Meddling
-New Republic Bureaucracy
-Thought Teva'd go to Mando anyhow
-Gorian: "It's The Mandalorian!" Ha, he said the thing!
-The Spider-Monkeys actually helped instead of annoy? Nice!
-Vane's Betrayl lol
-The Luke Skywalker Song playing during the Mandalorian's Celebration… Chefs Kiss
-It is time to retake Mandalore - Chills
-Imperial Shuttle Destroyed?
-Gideons on the loose
-Mandalorians helped get Gideon? Hmmm…

Way more enjoyable than last week...Solid episode!

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Live Mustache Reaction:

Bad Batch Season Finale Part 1

-More leading into TROS' Emperor Cloning...
-Saw Gerrerra!

Bad Batch Season Finale Part 2:

-Aaand that's why Omega got a helmet.
-Ord Mantell? With the Valachord?(That part still sticks out to me from Solo)
-Dang, poor Omega...and the Bad Batch...
-Wow, Cid actually showing sympathy? Sheesh!
-Nope, nevermind... of course she'd betray them.
-Nah, I have a feeling Hemlock is holding Tech... I don't think he's dead.
-Ah great, Hemlock has Omega?
-The Cloning Tanks...
-Season 3 Setup: Hunter, Wrecker and Echo saving Omega and Crosshair from the empire

Overall, a solid Season Finale! I actually really enjoyed it!

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Yo Marvel's Secret Invasion series looks pretty sick... and hopefully it's enough time after GOTG 3 to give it its due

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Finished The North Water the other night and Colin Farrell's character looks a bit like Harry from Disco Elysium in some scenes.



I'm really enjoying Pokerface from Rian Johnson the writer-director of the Knives Outs, Looper and Brick with Natasha Lyonne and flashy guest of the week.

After watching Poker Face a Columbo type murder mystery it's put it into perspective how everything gets turned into a procedurals now, the one that took the my biscuit was Neil Gaiman's Lucifer where the devil goes around with cops and forensic teams for some stupid reason.

Also why is this called the unoffical tv thread? What happened to the official one?

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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The official one is where everybody talks about Happy Valley, The Wire, Our Friends in the North, the Singing Detective, the Killing, the Bridge, Newsnight Review, etc



@jump Geez I keep meaning to jump into Pokerface but I haven't yet ...
Maybe I will soon...

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