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So I searched for a LEGO thread and found lots, but they were all either 5 years inactive or just minor questions. Let’s see how far this goes.

Anyways this thread is for LEGO. Lego sets, Lego games, Lego Movies and such. If the mods think this isn’t a suitable thread, could you just delete it instead of locking it? Thanks.


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Really wish they hadn’t cancelled Dimensions before season 3. Mega Man was Rumored to be in it and I would’ve loved to have him along with my sonic mini figure.

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@Apportal sounds like a good idea for a thread to me! I actually binned off my expensive Lego addiction a few years ago. I was trying to get all the marvel minifigures until the expensive helicarrier set made it impossible. I still have loads though and I'm planning to set up the figures in a display cabinet soon.

I'm also going to sell some off the corresponding (and unexciting ) sets on eBay because I'm flat broke at the moment. They won't get much without the minifigures included but hopefully it will be something to keep me going through the pandemic. I've managed to sell a few random star wars and DC sets that i never got around to building so they remained sealed and have gone out of print so I made a bit of money off them.

I just have the gruelling task of separating them (it's all mixed together), cleaning and bagging them for sale ahead of me!

I do have the civil war airport scene with the gi-ant man build which is going for like 3x what I paid for it at the moment but I have been really looking forward to building that for my display cabinet so I don't think I can part with it!

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