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@KateGray Good list! I understand the general appeal of circular objects, there's something extremely relaxing about seeing something so goddamn round. It's honestly one of the reasons I vastly prefer Hisuian Voltorb to regular Voltorb: it retains the perfect roundness of the original whilst having a much more likable personality. He's just a happy little dude.

Seeing Swinub there as well reminded me of how I've literally been drowning in shiny ones of it in Legends Arceus (I don't even have the dex perfected yet I've found FIVE whilst just journeying around the Icelands. All I want is a Rufflet....)

Also, have you ever considered picking up the $500 life size Mareep plush?
You know you want to.

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The Owl House is so good you guys omg
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@Fizza I already have a $150 gigantic Pikachu. I would be cast out of my home if I bought the Mareep!

Stupid question buuuuuuuut how on earth do I put images in here? 😅

I will never stop asking for Ghost Trick on the Switch


@KateGray I will only spill the beans if you tell me how you use those elusive emojis in turn.
Don't worry, I'm just messing with you. All you need to do is (img) the url of your chosen image (/img) and replace the ( ) with [ ]. It also works with gifs as you can see here as well.

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The Owl House is so good you guys omg
Currently performing a summoning circle for a 2nd Ace Attorney Trilogy
'You're always you, no matter what you look like' - Captain 3, Splatoon 3


@Fizza Wait so your telling me I haven’t needed to download my gif’s and photos this whole time??

Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside.

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Sorry bit of late responses guys! Also, gonna be playing some MK8D on Friday at 7pm EDT, if anyone wants to add me and join

@Tyranexx Ahem. So yea Vesperia is great.. have fun with it ! Hmm.. seems like the Switch games may be the way to go for my first Laytoning experience despite the fact it's more into the future even if disconnected. Ahh yea.. it's not fair! XCX looks awesome.. I see a lot of people just gettin into the XC Universe. I hope this pushes them to do it as well, and might as well get a sequel going in development eh? Depends probably on the sales of XC3.

@MarioLover92 Ahh for sure, I do feel like in a way it's the more standard way to play a fighting game. I do love items and assist trophies and all though, really gives the game a lot! Man, I'm pretty hyped for Warner Bros. Multiversus actually, it's looking good!

@Sunsy Yea, and I do love how gaming music has evolved and diversified. Nice nice, definitely gotta take advantage of those 3x a week type deals. I have a bunch of those boosts in Pokemon Unite! For sure let me know if you ever do wanna play some Unite

Check out my new Livestream Intro guys >U< Pretty happy with it, tried to represent lotta Nintendo games!

Also.. Bioshock the Collection is FREE on EPIC games for the week
Definitely try to snag that in the week!

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I'm partial to Alola Region Pokémon......and especially Mareanie! <3

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I had a pumptrack to myself today, and some kid showed up. This kid had crazy bike handling skills, airing things nobody hits, taking lines I've never seen anyone take, throwing in 360s & moto-whips with EASE & style. When you see this stuff in person, it looks like magic. And bmx is just his side thing for redbull motorcycle racing. XD This 16 year old kid was so gnar. It was cool hanging with him.

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@KateGray stingrays are amazing!

@Kermit1, is that a restaurant? I'm headed home to visit at the start of July, I will OD on seafood I'm sure.

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@Sunsy Oh that's good you enjoyed them. Yeah, I'm not really into Marvel's stuff either. I did play that X-Men arcade game long ago, which was a beat-em-up, but that's about it. I did like it though, and I also liked the TMNT arcade game - both were made by Konami.

I got some digital games from Club Nintendo as well, particularly when it was nearing closure in 2015. Most of the rewards I got were physical.

Oh, you and me both then, both our moms are movie fans! That's cool, I have some animated movies/anime on DVD/blu-ray as well. I do have some live-action movies too. I've always been way more into games than anything else, but I do enjoy watching a good movie/show on occasion.

@Tyranexx Absolutely, I tried sneaking through those enemies, but they keep wanting to fight me. More of them come to join the battle too...and I don't really feel like grinding for higher levels. I'm putting XC2 on hiatus for now because of that.

Yeah, deer are fairly common in my area too, at least in forests and stuff. Ah yeah, we've had some close calls with deer on the highway as well...I never hit one either, thankfully. Yeah, I do try to respect snakes' space too. Gotcha, at least they're not too common then - I didn't come across any poisonous snakes myself. I came across wasps and jellyfish, but that's it. I'm especially careful with anything that's venomous, because I have a crippling fear of getting stung. Those couple of wasp stings I've had in the past really hurt like heck!

@tekoii Yeah true, and even with items turned off, it still feels like Smash Bros. to me. I marked it on my calendar - see you tomorrow at 7!

@cordova94 Just wanted to say that I love your profile pic. Captain Toad is such a good game!

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I can't believe this children's video (early 2000s mind you) has a kill count....

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@Zuljaras That is really cool.

@tekoii Cool, will try to join if I don't get to busy.

Yeah, before the battle pass Paladins had, I didn't even know what Monstercat was. Now I hear their music whenever I boot up the game on Switch or PC (love cross-progression). Cool!

@MarioLover92 Yeah. Awesomely enough, I was browsing the Wii U eShop and found out Guardians of the Galaxy had a Zen Pinball 2 table. Thank you eShop card, lol. I've been just buying games I want, interesting ones I find, or just stuff I was on the fence on with those eShop cards. Might as well. Got quite a bit thanks to some of the games being on sale.

Cool, I never did get a physical reward myself.

Yeah, she watched a movie tonight on Peacock, I think it was called Ambulance. Not my kind of movie, but we did watch the new My Little Pony special today. Perfect timing too since I have the Switch game being delivered on Saturday hopefully. I just love animated and character stuff more than most serious movies.

I do watch some live action shows. Cobra Kai, love this one as mom and I like the Karate Kid movies, and Young Rock, fun show, a humorous look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's life growing up. Kind of cool since I did see him wrestle live once.



Also, there were porn / sex songs
by E-ROTIC on DDR during DDR 3rd Mix - 5th Mix era, back on early year 2000.

This was my teenhood PS1 games during 2000's era.

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Does anybody remember that strange Rayman 3 Nintendo Power ad that had Rayman peeing next to some guys? Just asking for laughs.



@ogo79 If you mean avoiding some of the comment sections on the main site, that's a very good practice. Many of the thornier ones aren't worth my time and energy.

@Tasuki One of the other players runs a different game with some of his coworkers and owns a few books as well, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything included. I don't own any books of my own yet and mostly get by with the internet for now, though I hope to pick up a Player's Handbook soon. I find it easier to draw up characters using printed pages. I briefly borrowed it to create a Drow Druid for a one-shot New Years Eve campaign.

I'm really enjoying playing my ranger, it was a pre-made character the DM generated for me since I joined mid-campaign, but I've sort of made her my own lol. I'll have to research hordebreaker, that sounds like a fun subclass too.

Ah, so Kender wasn't an autocorrect troll. XD I mostly use 5e Tools for online references and couldn't find the race listed there, though that makes sense if it's still in the beta phase. They sound a little like the children from changeling concepts. :thinking_face: I'll have to research them as well.

@Sunsy Hands give me some trouble, but I have an even harder time with human faces. To compensate, I would hide them in some way using hair, something in the environment, etc. There's usually a way around a drawing struggle, but that brings us back to my finite patience.

@tekoii I'll take your word on Tales of Vesperia! The Switch is a good platform to jump into almost anything at this point, even arguably a Layton game (which I haven't played yet TBH). XCX certainly deserves to be experienced by more people. In addition, its ending opened it up for some sequel material IMO. I hope the series continues to sell well so that Monolith might consider more XCX titles!

@MarioLover92 If there's something XC2 isn't, it's a stealth game. XD I tried sneaking around enemies more than once, though more often than not I would try to fight them. There's a reason Territorial Rotbart is a meme....

Sadly, the largest thing I've unintentionally hit so far was a fox a few years ago. ~$750 worth of damage to my front bumper and grille, thankfully no undercarriage issues. Insurance determined it an act of God and fielded everything. /RelievedSigh It was really quick; I only knew what it was by the color. Wasps and stinging insects are unfortunately quite common here, though I'm way too far inland for jellyfish. I try to respect the space of things with stinger too - I've gotten fairly close to a hive to watch the bees come and go (they ignore you if you aren't too close and stay still/calm) - but wasps can definitely be nasty. I've had a few run-ins with them.

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