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Hello! I saw a leak on 4chan than correctly predicted half of nintendo's febuary 2021 direct (Posted before direct) and said Ryu from Ninja Gaiden would be coming to smash bros, as well as a fighter from Sega's Phantasy Star games. Is this leak credible? I think Crash Bandicoot or Paper Mario would be much more likely Choices. Admins, feel free to shut this down, I can always post this on the Smash Ultimate Thread.

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Smash leaks are always wrong.

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Gonna say no on this one. Almost everything that it got right was leaked by other sources (Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, other sources have indicated a Fire Emblem remake and Ninja Gaiden x Smash is coming), is or was inevitable anyways (new Kirby, Diamond and Pearl remakes, Mario Golf), or wasn't something too hard to guess (Skyward Sword HD, Famicom Detective Club getting localized - remakes were announced for Japan well before the Direct). Additionally, Mario Kart 9 is pretty farfetched at this time, since it seems like Nintendo is focusing more on Tour right now, and it's unlikely that Grezzo is releasing a Zelda game this year considering they're behind Miitopia's port. Not to mention that the leak didn't have Miitopia or Splatoon 3, and that Sakurai seems very insistent on the fact that there are no characters coming after Fighters Pass 2.


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